Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Musings

Well hello there!  Long time no write!  I should be doing this:
(not actually our dirty clothes as I don't think it is appropriate to air out our dirty laundry)
but I'd rather write a bit.  Yes, four plus glorious days away from the realities of life.  I'd say approximately 98% of you know what I'm talking about.

There's nothing like your 'home conbenchion'.  You know the majority of the people there.  Most all of the people you know and love are all in one place enjoying the same things you do.  Some friends are there you see very often.  Some friends are there that you see only about once/year - yet it is like not one day has passed since the last time you saw them.  I like that.

There were many, many, many young people, not just our own MYP.  As I age, that becomes more wonderful.  Looking at the future.

I had my same job.  There's lots of business to attend.  And I chose those words with reason.  Seventeen toilets.  Six showers.  Umpteen sinks.  I had a very willing partner.  And also our youngest and her little friend.  Did you know the cleaner you keep a place, the more people try to keep it clean?  With about 400+ females plus some little boys using the facility, it is challenging to keep it clean and smelling like a wildflower garden, but we almost did!

Our MYP bailed on us for most the nights and so the Chairman and I would retreat to our camper utterly alone.  Hello?  Hello?  Hello?  It was a bit strange actually.  But since I still like my Chairman an awful lot, it was nice to visit without distraction.

I met a few blog readers that I hadn't known before.  Hello to you!  I honestly feel so silly when someone comes up to say that they read the "Chairman and company".  My first response is usually, 'why?'.

We came home to a broken toilet.  This morning, our high schooler missed the bus.  The next one forgot his picture form that was due today.  The last one was in a complete melt-down because one math assignment wasn't completed and she was going to 'get yelled at'.  There's a missing cell phone.  Ahhh yes.  The realities of life slapping you in the face as you walk in the door.

But I'm glad I love home too.  We can bring those quiet, restful places back to our own nest.  I think in the busy-ness of life it is so important to have an oasis for the family.

Each and every time I sit down long enough to form a lap, I see this:
I think he missed us.

So off to my first physical therapy appointment for my shoulder that has given me fits for seven months now.  I hope she isn't too mean to me.

Happy Monday!  Mused out for now....


  1. We visit your blog because we feel the same way you do about "conbenchion" and dirty laundry, and the realities of life slapping you in the face immediately after four oasis days, but we don't know how to put it into humorous format like you do. We also like seeing pictures of your pets, and hearing stories of your kiddos. Best of luck with the PT. I bet you will get great results but maybe not without some misery first!

  2. Was so glad you mused about conbenchion and your job because I was picturing you all your place...
    And Jaime was giving me text updates which was great! Not the same as being there but still nice :)

  3. I am with Helen on this one….. I was there in spirit. A few times a day I would think about what you all were doing at that time. I am so relieved conbenchion is over so I can stop feeling envious:) Thanks for the clean bathrooms although I didn't use them nor did I picture people using them!!!

  4. My sentiments exactly with what Renee commented! It's always uplifting to read someone else's account on the every day (and once a year!) events of life. And to realize there is great comfort and satisfaction in the often ho-humness of everyday life! :)

  5. Well I am one of those who approached you ... for my sister :) ... who hasn't met you but wanted to through me! She kinda likes me so I am willing to do things like that for her ... as I am the nice one!! Anyway I am the one from Gibert, Az ... she is the mama to Maggie!