Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hardly worth the time...

Not much to offer up on this Thursday.  I've had a few glorious days here in solitude.  I feel super-busy keeping life going here at the Chalet.  Someone asked what I do when the MYP are back in school.  Well... I still bake bread and cookies.  I still cook the family a healthy, well-balanced meal each night.  I still have to have the pantry stocked.  The garden weeded.  The bills paid.  The dog walked.  The beds changed.  The laundry done... you know.  Speaking of laundry.  I saw this this week... and a few others.

School is going well for all the MYP.  Our new high schooler has learned the ropes and got on the right bus out of 22.  She did mention in passing that the science teacher has a room full of snakes and he lets the python out once in awhile because 'she's friendly'.  A friendly python.  Of course.

I have learned that torn rotator cuffs don't just go away.  They keep rearing their ugly heads and make life miserable.  Hence, I'm heading to see a PT in two weeks.  I hope she doesn't make me cry.  But I need to get full mobility back in time for ski season so I can fall again and tear it once more be a ski bunny on the hill once again.

I'm wishing we would have a hard freeze.  I'm sick of watering my flower pots.

As I was about to turn out the light last night, one of the MYP that had been gone last week burst into the bedroom door.  Yes?  I asked?  "I just wanted to say that I'm just so happy to be home again."  That was a heart-warming way to end the day.

Well come on up and make yourself comfortable!  Our fierce tomcat is actually a big baby that loves to snuggle and just made himself at home while I'm trying to blog.  (Excuse the fancy t-shirt.  I'm classy like that.)


  1. The "buddy system" and "incorrect password" comics made me chuckle out loud.

  2. It's pretty hard to tell, though, just which base HU's on, though.....

    I put my socks in a lingerie bag if I'm not doing the laundry myself. Seriously- I must be the only person on this side of the ocean that realizes they come in two's.
    Did I just say that? Well, ok, I did. But I don't exactly mean it. But after having to repeatedly go track down missing socks, it's sure an easy fix... ;)