Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's twitter

Even though I'm not tech-savvy for Twitter. I see about it but haven't signed up. Now really people, so we really need to know updates by the minute in other people's lives? I think not.

It looks like November outside. My feet are cold.

I went to T's room to help make kites for their end of quarter project. The boys made theirs into monster trucks, I-pods, space shuttle (T's), or something with flames coming off of it. The girls did the hearts, butterflies, or simply a standard kite shape. And then the snack was one of those thickly-frosted soft sugar cookies AND three doughnut holes with a Hi-C juice box. Can you say, sugar buzz? Yuck. But one thing I was so happy for was the big hug from my dear boy as I walked out of the room.

I've been fascinated with some stories I've found on other blogs of people I have marked on my google reader. Most have to deal with multiple births or sick children or babies dying too soon. I'm not sure why, but I find life so fascinating. I think the good thing that comes forth from it is that I'm thankful for three healthy kids.

A good friend here is facing a major, life-altering surgery today. I can't get her off my mind.

How do you write on a blog and have the dash go through the word like you are really wishing you could say that, but use a different word. If you're all doing a collective 'huh?', please forgive. I might have to search the web. I think I figured it out with without your help!

We have a 'special' visit tomorrow and then a 'special Sunday' this weekend. How great!

Our kitchen is to have drywall spray done today. Also a bit of the basement. Don't let people fool you and say once they put plastic down it contains the dust. They're lying to you. It is a terrific mess.

I better get a move on it. The kids will be home within the hour since it is only 1/2 day today. Good thing I remembered this time!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

War Games

With our friends. Sniff... my baby boy isn't. Today was his first time playing paintball with a bunch of friends of ours. He came home seeming so... big! He did reveal a few welts from his outing. I'll post a couple the Chairman took.

And yes, that's snow in the background. No one told the weatherman that it is officially spring in WI.

Blog Title

Ok you creative peeps out there. I need help. Especially from those of you that really know us. Or are dutiful blog readers of Debelak Doings. It isn't cutting it anymore. The Debelak Doings. It is bland. Boring. And by the sounds of it, something you'd rather pass by than actually read. I've said in the past I was thinking of quitting the whole blog thing. But you know what? I like it. It is fun. And less in-your-face than other things. I figure if someone wants to read it, they can. And if they think it is dumb, too revealing, or whatever, they simply won't peek into our lives. I love the record it is for our family. I've already gone back a year or so and thought, 'I forgot that!'. I used to keep a diary. But now this is it!

So without further adieu. I need your help. A new title for the blog. I can't come up with anything. You would know that the Chairman and the canine are part-time contributors as well. So...

I have the creative gene of a goat really...

p.s. the winner of the chosen blog title will get... hmmm. Maybe personal satisfaction.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friends from afar

Sometimes it is hard to explain a friendship. Here are four people that I would consider good friends; although I hadn't met the Mr. or the two kids before. The 'mom' was a young teen in Mexico when I was a younger teen. We stayed with her family when visiting my great uncle there. We made memories I'll not forget. The kindnesses shown. My sister and she kept in touch through all the years. We visited that area in Mexico again several times and again the welcome warm and fellowship was strong and true. She married and moved down under. To the land of kiwis and kangaroos. Two lovely kids. A very engaging and entertaining husband. We had a very nice afternoon with them today. Friends... a special thing indeed. We're lucky they came to visit on their way across the country.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ray of Sun

She was to be 'Raina'. A simple to prounounce, yet unique name. We found it in a name book. Liked it immediately. And up until about three days before the documents needed to be returned to the agency to send to China it was 'Raina'. Then the Chairman said one day, 'I like Rayna better than Raina. I'd like to have a ray of sunshine rather than rain.' And she is fulfilling it. This morning after sending them all off to school, this is what I find. Love letters to us on our bed. Just a typical day. A dreary day outside really. But not after a love note from a very bright spot in our lives. Our Ray of Sun. Our Rayna. Love you sweetie!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

for the kids school... not me. Trevor wanted to have a mohawk. Rayna has two 'flower pots' held on by flower hair bands. And Mira... well as Trevor put it, she looks like a weeping willow.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Backyard fun

The Chairman at bat
ahhhh. young love.
members of the Yellow Jackets team...
he's just cute.
sorry folks, no stories from her lately!

A good friendly baseball game in the backyard yesterday. And some jumpin' girls. It was a beautiful day.

Six is enough!

bedtime for all
the 2-year old that gave me a run for my money
all clean!
dressed and ready to go!
Whew! And... they were pretty good! Six of 'em. Kids that is. For three days. The 'extras' must have gotten a stern talking to on listening. Being nice. Fitting in. Whatever. It worked. They were good. Well, the 2-year old did what every 2-year old would do. Wants to be in charge. Gets stubborn. Hates naps. Would rather have an entire meal of 'stawbewwies' than eat anything else. But we survived! I found it interesting that I really and truly forgot that 2-year olds are messy. Can't just go get their shirt and put it on. Need lots of snacks. It hasn't been that long and I hardly remember it! Weird. And I almost must admit, I kinda miss them. Kinda. Sorta. After I've slept I could probably do it again. The small fry here didn't like the little one added to the mix. I saw a nasty side of human nature. A worry before bed, 'do you like her more than me?'. No. But she has more needs than you. And I love you with my whole being. But she needs me now. And you will always have me.
Now on to a new week ahead! I just heard some very happy news.
I love days like this. Joy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the Editor and Publisher...

supper last night. p.s. it was gross

sleepover in our living room last Friday

the pooch

the silly youngest

* Ok I was surprised. But not as much as the first time. You see the first time, I really thought the 'Chairman' was the "Chairman" of Blogspot or something. I'd been hacked! And then the disbelief that my own husband actually knew how to post a blog was just, well unfathomable. But he did. And now he did again. Hmmm. He's checking up on me!

* One thing of note. I noticed how reading his verbage is like reading the Wall Street Journal or maybe Forbes. Reading mine is like reading oh say, "Highlights"? Or maybe something more 'serious' like "Good Housekeeping". Just so you know, he doesn't really talk like that. Well maybe some of the time. He's light years ahead of me in the IQ department.
* I had a great day! Why? I dunno. It was just like everything was going good. I found just what I was looking for when shopping... things like plants (an awesome huge palm for a brag price), a special doggy brush that takes out a ton of undercoat. Those with a golden retriever would know the urgency of that come spring. Nothing exciting. But good nonetheless. I like it when I feel like the day was great. I think spring and sun have a good deal to do with it.

* I really had to snicker. I mindlessly posted on FB that I would be a 'mother of six' come tomorrow. And the responses were that people almost believed that we were really adding three more kids to this household! Others must see me differently than I feel. I would be a saint for doing that. I would be insane too. Sure, I could probably logically and maybe physically take care of six. But emotionally, nope. No way. There are real, raw needs each day that need to be dealt with. Cuddled upon. Corrected for. Three is all I can handle. And I love, love, love having three. All of them for different reasons. Anyhoo, chicken farmer lady, her wood-laying husband are off for warmth and sun and a boat. I am only on 'duty' for Friday-Sunday, so she didn't expect too much really. And! I don't have to collect eggs. :-)

* Trevor's last basketball game tonight. Tomorrow, the baseball practices start. Oh boy. Here we go.

* Girls enjoying gymnastics. But Mira thinks her 'boy teacher' is mean.

* The basement project comes along. The important inspector-people have now said we can move forward. Insulation and drywall are next. I'll again be happy when the dirty work boots are gone.

* I think the Editor should edit out all the fluff. So I'll quit. Thank you peeps! Maybe I'll post a couple pictures from last night's suppertime. We ate at the island since The Chairman didn't come home until late

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My how the time has flown!

The Chairman (Duane) has not provided a report for Debelak Doings blog readers for eleven long months. My last (first) blog entry was an elaboration of a private incident that the Editor and Publisher (Linda) chose to highlight in the daily news pronouncements. After witnessing my sweet Linda slowly entering the bedroom and leaning against our bed, while appearing peaked and stunned on the morning of April 17, 2008, I realized I best keep my blog contributions to a minimum. While accustomed to a vigorous defense of my core values in a verbal manner, the Publisher appeared genuinely surprised I would resort to a written format. As I am unable to compete with the Publisher in terms of raw communication power, I wisely remained incommunicado through the remainder of 2008.

Over the past year, I am satisfied that the Editor and Publisher honored my wishes for an artificially positive Internet persona. I believe embarrassing details of my personal life have been generally avoided (sorry Ethel). Of course, any positive items mentioned about me are all true. Any slightly negative insinuations have been greatly exaggerated for entertainment value.

Despite my unproven assertion that the Publisher may be moderately addicted to Facebook and blogging, I am pleased to report that cooking, cleaning, and other important wifely duties have been in no way neglected.

As readers of this blog may know, the past year has been rather eventful. The children and dog appear to have settled in and adjusted well to the new surroundings, while the change resistant Chairman and Publisher remain in the initial stages of the five year adjustment program.

On a final note, some female readers may have been left with the misleading impression that I am overly involved with interior design and decorating. With the warming months upon us, I will redouble my efforts to engage in traditional male activities.

Again, I thank the Editor and Publisher for allowing me to post this entry. A hearty thanks as well for efficiently managing the home while I am away.

We now return to normal broadcasting.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday musings

* I hope this isn't indicative of my day. Just home from the store. A container of grape juice just 'happened' to roll out of the bag. I didn't have enough foresight. As I pull out the bag from the back of the van a big ol' jar of pickles crashes to the driveway. Yuck for cleanup. And I'll have one sorry 9 year old on my hand wondering why I didn't buy pickles yet!

* It is fun driving by the school at recess time and seeing one of our kids romping about interacting with friends. It looks so fun!

* Lisi starts the next level class today. I did some practice with her and she's awesome one-on-one. Her exuberance in wanting to sniff another doggy in class can get annoying though. Luckily, it is getting better.

* A great weekend! Saturday was just us. Family time. Sunday was spent with friends both at noon and then at suppertime. 40th birthdays are sure fun! And so is time with good friends.

* Spring has come! I love to see the robins hopping. I just wish we had bulbs here poking through the ground. Hopefully I can get some planted this fall so next year I'll have some to look at.

* My mom and dad have been married 49 years this week. My mom and dad in-law will be married 50 years in August. I think the Chairman and I have some good examples to follow!

* I still love cooking, but tired of trying to come up with new ideas. The Chairman loves lots of spice, heat, interesting things to try. The youngest is dreadfully stubborn with anything mysterious. The older two are great eaters in any sense. So... any ideas out there?

Better get back at it...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My cozy spot

It's actually part of the screened porch furniture. But instead of putting it in the basement for the winter, we put it right off the kitchen. And I'm so glad. It is where I read in the morning. It is a comfy chair where Lisi can lie right next to me (she has no living room privileges). And best of all, it is the cozy chair. The past few mornings Rayna has gotten up quite early. I naturally pull her onto my lap and we have a bit of quiet, cozy time together. She made the mistake of telling her siblings. This morning they all rushed down before their alarms went off because they wanted their own cozy time too. My lap was quite full of people. And I loved every minute. Because some day these young people are going to grow up (I hope they still like sitting on my lap) and go off to lead their own productive, happy, and hopefully helpful lives. And then the house will be empty of children. Quiet. And my chair will only have me sitting in it. So for now, I'll treasure these cozy mornings.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We have a closet!

looking in from the bedroom
looking out from the closet
my side
the Chairman's tie collection

When we moved here 7 months ago there were some 'quirks' I knew I wouldn't like to live with. One being the back mudroom. The next being the kitchen island. And finally, the master closet. Well! What a difference a few months make! The mudroom and island were completed about 6 weeks ago and now the master closet is done! What made it so unique is that there are no doors for it. Just wide open to our bedroom and to the outside world should they peer through the bedroom door and look in our room. And a terrific lack of shelving. And no place for the Chairman's (approx. only - however I just hung them all) 50+ ties from the past years (which I might add have been draped over a decorative shelf in our bathroom for 7 months). Hooray for good friends that also are very handy that made it all happen!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thoughts before bed

One thing this era of knowledge brings is a much greater awareness of others and their situations. I have loved the blogging world and getting to 'know' people I wouldn't otherwise know (except for seeing them across the way at convention or something). I have felt much less lonely because there are so many other moms and wives in the trenches doing what I do every day - loving, encouraging, praising, correcting, laughing, and trying to share something serious with our young ones. But with it all comes a greater ability to see and hear of others in scary situations. And really, that isn't bad is it? I am aware that I know a LOT of people. In fact, I couldn't count the people in my life I consider a good friend. They are too numerous and I'm thankful. But this leads me to a story I saw a few weeks back that I can't keep my thoughts from. A dear little boy that is 5 is in a burn unit in Dallas struggling through surgeries to be able to live. His parents are updating the blog daily. And we only hope and pray that he can overcome the massive injuries to him. I'm thankful that we can share in the burden that others are bearing. I just hope I never take for granted that today is a gift and so are the healthy loved ones surrounding me. I'll post a link to their website. Click at the top by the name to get the latest updates on him.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Top Dog

That's right. You can call me a flea-bag. An alley mutt. A stink bomb. A nuisance even. But I know what I am! The top of the class! Hello you peeps out there. This is Lisi again. I just completed eight (long) weeks of the first obedience class. The big lady that yells but loves me anyway thought it important for me to attend. She thought she might have some more control over my behavior. Well guess what! I really impressed her. And I impressed the other big lady at the class that did talking and handing out treats! Well today was graduation day. I went in all giddy with excitement seeing my friends there. Then about 15 minutes before the class ended they told us to get up and in position and there was a test! A real test! For doggies! I mastered everything. I sat. Stayed. Went down. Sat back up. Did downs. Stays. Heeling. You know the boring stuff. They even made me go to a sit and a down for three times in a row with not so much as a biscuit to encourage me. But then there it was. The trick question. The big lady made me sit. And stay. And then some goofy lady that helps there threw a tennis ball across the room right in front of me. I got up ready to retrieve (didn't they know that's what we-retrievers do???) I didn't get a point for that part of the test. But hey! I got 11 out of 12! The closest to me got only 9 (snicker). And you know what that made me? TOP DOG of the class! I got a big round of applause! I got an extra homemade dog treat from the doggy bakery! And! A new stuffed pink bone with a squeaker for being the best of the class. I figured I was at the top of my game. But then I heard some talking and the one big lady is talking to the other big lady in hushed tones. Then I hear something about demanding more. Going further. Becoming a 'Good Citizen Dog'. That sounds like work. I'm not sure I'm up for it, but whatever the big lady says, I'll do I guess. But for now, I'll relish in my success! The big lady that yells but loves me anyway took a couple of pictures when we got home. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Giggling Girls

Mira and Mom
Malory and "Mom"
Rayna and Mom
We have some special friends that have one girl in the middle. We have one boy in the middle. Switch them. And! Voila! A boy house. And a girl house. We have girls this time. I promised a little girl manicure for each last night. Here they are!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some pictures

We just had visitors this week. A super time.
Lisi loves her Teddy... but she loved it to death
about an hour after this was taken. Teddy
was sadly decapitated.
Yum. Today's choice was cracked
wheat with flax seed thrown in.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ella is keeping me busy today. I tried to take a shower quick after she came, but she insisted on getting in with me. I haven't showered with a 2-year old for well... if I do the math, 4 1/2 years. She was mimicking everything I was doing in there. Then I got dressed and all was quiet. Hmmm. Quiet. Oh no. She's gotta be in my lotion. Or pulling out stuff out of drawers. Or putting on my underwear! Bingo! There she was in all her glory. Here's some pictures to prove the silly.
p.s. For some reason my undies look mighty large. I hope they're not. Really. Big. Underpants. Yuck.

Mom's Birthday

Here's some pictures from last Friday. Mark M. came with a big, funny picture of my mean brother Keith (you know the guy that picks on me but loves me anyway) on his face to 'pretend' that Keith came to the party. It was a hoot. Actually come to think of it, Mark was nicer to me than Keith has ever been. The Chairman's folks came with us too which was nice. Ok. No more words. People like pictures more than banter...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Breakfast banter

Rayna: Mom? Do you and dad pray every night before bed?
Me: Of course we do.
Rayna: I do too.
Me: Well that's good. But what's important is that it is between you and God. I really don't need to know what you're praying about.
Mira: Well I know what you pray for mom...
Me: You do?
Mira: Yes. You pray that we kids turn out right.
Me: That's for sure!
Trevor: Well if you're gone I get to tell others when to pray.
Me: What?
Trevor: Well I would be the man of the house and I would tell people who gets to pray when when we're eating.
Rayna: Well I would get to start it.
Trevor: Start what?
Rayna: The grace!
Trevor: Why? Maybe I would.
Rayna: Well I'm a better singer.
Trevor: Well I'm the man.
Rayna: But I'm older. Mom? Do I get to tell people who prays since I'm older?
Me: Not really. If Trevor would be here then he would.
Trevor: See? So I would tell people.
Rayna: But if I got married and my husband was the elder than I would lead the songs.
Trevor: Not for sure.
Rayna: Yes I would because I'm a good singer.
Trevor: Well I am luckier because I can be the boss and tell people when to pray.

Me: Breakfast time!!!

Boy kids are sure interesting!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just notes

and not much more. i'm too lazy to go get the camera sitting in the van.

* Enjoyed mom's birthday supper at her house! We surprised her by having 'extras' along which they loved. A super-nice evening.

* Enjoyed meeting up with the friends from the old friends yesterday. I'm supposed to mention something here about who won which game but I'm a sore loser.

* Enjoyed today so much! A great meeting in the am. Then friends (actually mostly relatives) over for dinner. We were 14 around the table. The time goes too quickly.

* Enjoy thinking of the upcoming week. Our workers come tomorrow! And lots of other things to look forward to.

* I'm not enjoying the blog thing as much since there is Facebook now. Am wondering at what point the plug gets pulled on this and I just say what needs to be said over there? Seems duplicitous to me... (comments?)