Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some pictures

We just had visitors this week. A super time.
Lisi loves her Teddy... but she loved it to death
about an hour after this was taken. Teddy
was sadly decapitated.
Yum. Today's choice was cracked
wheat with flax seed thrown in.


  1. Hey, that's OUR Charles there! He must be lost, poor fellow. Return to sender!

  2. waving a big Hello to you all- you know, C & D, and the headless teddy and Lisi and all of you!

  3. Oh, yes, it's amazing how vicious Golden's can be when they "love." :)

    Molly had a little dog with a rattle inside that she loved long and well until we left it at the kennel with her and it was in shreds by the time we picked her up. Tough love! or separation anxiety perhaps...