Sunday, March 22, 2009

Six is enough!

bedtime for all
the 2-year old that gave me a run for my money
all clean!
dressed and ready to go!
Whew! And... they were pretty good! Six of 'em. Kids that is. For three days. The 'extras' must have gotten a stern talking to on listening. Being nice. Fitting in. Whatever. It worked. They were good. Well, the 2-year old did what every 2-year old would do. Wants to be in charge. Gets stubborn. Hates naps. Would rather have an entire meal of 'stawbewwies' than eat anything else. But we survived! I found it interesting that I really and truly forgot that 2-year olds are messy. Can't just go get their shirt and put it on. Need lots of snacks. It hasn't been that long and I hardly remember it! Weird. And I almost must admit, I kinda miss them. Kinda. Sorta. After I've slept I could probably do it again. The small fry here didn't like the little one added to the mix. I saw a nasty side of human nature. A worry before bed, 'do you like her more than me?'. No. But she has more needs than you. And I love you with my whole being. But she needs me now. And you will always have me.
Now on to a new week ahead! I just heard some very happy news.
I love days like this. Joy!


  1. you still had time to comb some braids!

  2. It drives me crazy when you "hint" at some news and then end the post! Haven't changed a bit, have you!

  3. I think we heard the same news and Jim's reply,"That is really special!" I have to agree.

  4. So are you going to share the "news" with me? Pretend I still live down there and share it with me.:)