Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's twitter

Even though I'm not tech-savvy for Twitter. I see about it but haven't signed up. Now really people, so we really need to know updates by the minute in other people's lives? I think not.

It looks like November outside. My feet are cold.

I went to T's room to help make kites for their end of quarter project. The boys made theirs into monster trucks, I-pods, space shuttle (T's), or something with flames coming off of it. The girls did the hearts, butterflies, or simply a standard kite shape. And then the snack was one of those thickly-frosted soft sugar cookies AND three doughnut holes with a Hi-C juice box. Can you say, sugar buzz? Yuck. But one thing I was so happy for was the big hug from my dear boy as I walked out of the room.

I've been fascinated with some stories I've found on other blogs of people I have marked on my google reader. Most have to deal with multiple births or sick children or babies dying too soon. I'm not sure why, but I find life so fascinating. I think the good thing that comes forth from it is that I'm thankful for three healthy kids.

A good friend here is facing a major, life-altering surgery today. I can't get her off my mind.

How do you write on a blog and have the dash go through the word like you are really wishing you could say that, but use a different word. If you're all doing a collective 'huh?', please forgive. I might have to search the web. I think I figured it out with without your help!

We have a 'special' visit tomorrow and then a 'special Sunday' this weekend. How great!

Our kitchen is to have drywall spray done today. Also a bit of the basement. Don't let people fool you and say once they put plastic down it contains the dust. They're lying to you. It is a terrific mess.

I better get a move on it. The kids will be home within the hour since it is only 1/2 day today. Good thing I remembered this time!


  1. So are you telling us that since you figured out the "cross it out, but leave it there" thingy, that we can too?? I've wondered that myself!
    And, I have no desire to "twitter" either :P

  2. Are you trying to mess with my mind Linda???

  3. I'm with you on twitter...

    and yes- you gonna share your new-found knowledge? huh???

    oh- and who's your company? inquiring minds want to know!