Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday musings

* I hope this isn't indicative of my day. Just home from the store. A container of grape juice just 'happened' to roll out of the bag. I didn't have enough foresight. As I pull out the bag from the back of the van a big ol' jar of pickles crashes to the driveway. Yuck for cleanup. And I'll have one sorry 9 year old on my hand wondering why I didn't buy pickles yet!

* It is fun driving by the school at recess time and seeing one of our kids romping about interacting with friends. It looks so fun!

* Lisi starts the next level class today. I did some practice with her and she's awesome one-on-one. Her exuberance in wanting to sniff another doggy in class can get annoying though. Luckily, it is getting better.

* A great weekend! Saturday was just us. Family time. Sunday was spent with friends both at noon and then at suppertime. 40th birthdays are sure fun! And so is time with good friends.

* Spring has come! I love to see the robins hopping. I just wish we had bulbs here poking through the ground. Hopefully I can get some planted this fall so next year I'll have some to look at.

* My mom and dad have been married 49 years this week. My mom and dad in-law will be married 50 years in August. I think the Chairman and I have some good examples to follow!

* I still love cooking, but tired of trying to come up with new ideas. The Chairman loves lots of spice, heat, interesting things to try. The youngest is dreadfully stubborn with anything mysterious. The older two are great eaters in any sense. So... any ideas out there?

Better get back at it...


  1. serve everything with really hot salsa!
    or not. However, making stuff with sauces for toppings sounds like a good way to get in the hot as an optional thing if not everyone likes it. We've been on a baked chicken enchiladas kick here lately and it's a pretty versatile thing, really. Can be quite mild without the salsa...

  2. You're dealing with a new yard this spring, aren't you. Wonder if you'll have any surprises?