Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the Editor and Publisher...

supper last night. p.s. it was gross

sleepover in our living room last Friday

the pooch

the silly youngest

* Ok I was surprised. But not as much as the first time. You see the first time, I really thought the 'Chairman' was the "Chairman" of Blogspot or something. I'd been hacked! And then the disbelief that my own husband actually knew how to post a blog was just, well unfathomable. But he did. And now he did again. Hmmm. He's checking up on me!

* One thing of note. I noticed how reading his verbage is like reading the Wall Street Journal or maybe Forbes. Reading mine is like reading oh say, "Highlights"? Or maybe something more 'serious' like "Good Housekeeping". Just so you know, he doesn't really talk like that. Well maybe some of the time. He's light years ahead of me in the IQ department.
* I had a great day! Why? I dunno. It was just like everything was going good. I found just what I was looking for when shopping... things like plants (an awesome huge palm for a brag price), a special doggy brush that takes out a ton of undercoat. Those with a golden retriever would know the urgency of that come spring. Nothing exciting. But good nonetheless. I like it when I feel like the day was great. I think spring and sun have a good deal to do with it.

* I really had to snicker. I mindlessly posted on FB that I would be a 'mother of six' come tomorrow. And the responses were that people almost believed that we were really adding three more kids to this household! Others must see me differently than I feel. I would be a saint for doing that. I would be insane too. Sure, I could probably logically and maybe physically take care of six. But emotionally, nope. No way. There are real, raw needs each day that need to be dealt with. Cuddled upon. Corrected for. Three is all I can handle. And I love, love, love having three. All of them for different reasons. Anyhoo, chicken farmer lady, her wood-laying husband are off for warmth and sun and a boat. I am only on 'duty' for Friday-Sunday, so she didn't expect too much really. And! I don't have to collect eggs. :-)

* Trevor's last basketball game tonight. Tomorrow, the baseball practices start. Oh boy. Here we go.

* Girls enjoying gymnastics. But Mira thinks her 'boy teacher' is mean.

* The basement project comes along. The important inspector-people have now said we can move forward. Insulation and drywall are next. I'll again be happy when the dirty work boots are gone.

* I think the Editor should edit out all the fluff. So I'll quit. Thank you peeps! Maybe I'll post a couple pictures from last night's suppertime. We ate at the island since The Chairman didn't come home until late


  1. Is the "Chairman" one of those guys getting a hugh bonus after being bailed out? Just wondering. : )

  2. Do I see a pickle on Rayna's plate? Those were fun pictures of all you kiddo's and let's not forget the dog. :o)

  3. That picture of Lisi makes me want to crawl thru the computer screen and snuggle into her soft fur- she has those excess skin rolls like Jake- and I love them!
    Happy Spring!

  4. well if your iq is 140 and his is much higher..just how high is his? just wondering!! and checking in! now i understand you were just on "duty" for the wk. end and the folks taking the Hawaii trip actually really are spending a much longer time there than just a wk. end ( i sort of figured as much..but ya never know!) glad you had a fun day..nice to have that every now and again!