Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My how the time has flown!

The Chairman (Duane) has not provided a report for Debelak Doings blog readers for eleven long months. My last (first) blog entry was an elaboration of a private incident that the Editor and Publisher (Linda) chose to highlight in the daily news pronouncements. After witnessing my sweet Linda slowly entering the bedroom and leaning against our bed, while appearing peaked and stunned on the morning of April 17, 2008, I realized I best keep my blog contributions to a minimum. While accustomed to a vigorous defense of my core values in a verbal manner, the Publisher appeared genuinely surprised I would resort to a written format. As I am unable to compete with the Publisher in terms of raw communication power, I wisely remained incommunicado through the remainder of 2008.

Over the past year, I am satisfied that the Editor and Publisher honored my wishes for an artificially positive Internet persona. I believe embarrassing details of my personal life have been generally avoided (sorry Ethel). Of course, any positive items mentioned about me are all true. Any slightly negative insinuations have been greatly exaggerated for entertainment value.

Despite my unproven assertion that the Publisher may be moderately addicted to Facebook and blogging, I am pleased to report that cooking, cleaning, and other important wifely duties have been in no way neglected.

As readers of this blog may know, the past year has been rather eventful. The children and dog appear to have settled in and adjusted well to the new surroundings, while the change resistant Chairman and Publisher remain in the initial stages of the five year adjustment program.

On a final note, some female readers may have been left with the misleading impression that I am overly involved with interior design and decorating. With the warming months upon us, I will redouble my efforts to engage in traditional male activities.

Again, I thank the Editor and Publisher for allowing me to post this entry. A hearty thanks as well for efficiently managing the home while I am away.

We now return to normal broadcasting.


  1. Wayy too funny! You really should guest blog once a month or so, it's rather entertaining!

  2. I read it & liked it! This is way more than MY husband would do! :)

  3. Wow. That was so your voice, Duane! I really like your occasional posts.

  4. Of course, I also really like your wife's postings. I tune in regularly to the happenings in your house. It is fun to read about the things that happen in daily life. I think your wife is a great writer, a great mother and a great friend.

  5. You both must just be an amazing couple. We have GOT to meet someday.

    Laughing in our corner of the world!

  6. My husband actually posted a comment on my private blog the other day..I was shocked! It would be a stretch if he ever wrote a blog post tho, I finally got him taught how to find the internet and to switch off the kids setting.
    Very fun reading!

  7. Ditto Stacy's comment. To keep it really interesting, though, I vote for the Chairman sneaking a post in, unscheduled... teehee... see if we get it... and how long it takes the publisher to notice.

    Am I in trouble? ;)

  8. Made me laugh. :-) Kudos to the chairman for his brilliant hacking.

  9. 2nding anita's suggestion..we're trying to get you "hooked" Duane! it's really a very fulfilling enterprise to spill one's guts all over cyberspace! now that you've done 2 posts...and we're offering the option of going incognito your wife..well, now, who could resist THAT?