Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simply Stinky

It was just like any other night.  After the people here ate their meal together circled around the round table, they did the dishes and then the Big Guy got on his jacket.  We were heading out for our evening walk!  Hello!  This is Lisi.  Yes, something happened again.

Last night the Big Guy and I started our nightly journey by the light of the moon.  I like our night walks almost better than the day ones (but don't tell the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway).  They are more spooky.  Full of interesting things.  And the Big Guy never uses a leash.

We were heading by the last pond before we turn for home and I thought I smelled an animal.  Got deep under a big pine tree and sure enough!  A little kitty!  Wait!  It is black and white.  Uh-oh.  I back out of there.  Skunk follows me out with his tail high.  Big Guy is screaming, "RUN LISI!  RUN!!!".  I think I know what that means.  It means get closer to the skunk and give him a scare.  Wait.  Maybe not.  The skunk turns and 'shoots'.  Ohmygoodness.  It was just like the other two times.  Terrible.  I reel around looking for my master.  All I see is the silhouette of him barreling away from us and heading for home.  I must go after him!  I finally catch up with him back at our yard.  He runs into the house hollering for the Big Lady that yells but loves me anyway.  She comes outside.  Shakes her head slowly from side to side and I think she muttered under her breath 'stupid dog'.  How insulting.

She disappeared for a couple minutes and comes out wearing different clothes and a bucket with some foamy stuff.    She scrubs me down a little harder than she needed to if you want me to be honest.  I think she was kinda mad.  But she still loves me.  After she rubbed all that salty-icky stuff on me, she went inside a bit.  Then she came out and headed for the hose.  Oh no.  I'm not letting her pour all that freezing water on me after that scrubbing.  So I took off.  Wait!  What was that!  Something is right by the tree.  Big Lady still giving chase catches up with me and almost steps on the animal.  She looks down and Big Lady yelled like I've never heard before.  POSSUM!  Yeah!  That's what it is!  It has its mouth open and it looks fierce.  I keep barking and barking at it.  Big Lady has retreated to the house based on the diminishing screams.  So I'm left alone to guard the family from this icky animal.

A lot of little people run out of the house with flashlights to look.  Then out marches Big Lady.  She's all business now and grabs me away from that possum.  She hauls me up to the very cold hose water and squirts it all over me.  To add insult to injury shameful to stink, she locked me up in the cold garage all wet with that rotten cat.  He thinks the nights are for riotous partying, so now I'm exhausted, slightly damp, and a bit odorous from my excitement last night.

I think I better take a nap.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Musings

I think I'm going to cheat again.  Instead of witty wisdom coming forth from the Chef, it'll be more pictures documenting my days.  I promise to return to the chuckle chair before long again.  I just have a long list of things I'd like to do before the Chairman and the MYP return from their duties today.

my al fresco lunch dates last week
 We had a couple days off school so ventured off to see Gpa and Gma R.  Gma dug out a very, very, very old thing you looked at to see a 3D image of a picture.  Think about a Viewmaster and then go back another 50 years...  We had a yummy lunch and nice visit (when I wasn't hollering at the MYP to behave themselves).

He prefers more modern technology

Moving forward 50 years to LOTS of Viewmaster  reels to look at

I should take pictures more often like this...
 Then as we were driving the hour+ home again, I started to tell some riveting stories about the past...

 At least the one sitting shotgun could capture the enthusiasm for my tales...
This one burned midnight oil and started off  her day in the chair with wild enthusiasm.
 Ok.  I'm so very sorry to my faithful reader from NE.  You can't stand dead mice pictures.  Please avert your eyes.  And remember we are near Halloween so you can expect macabre.  This might look like a great morning.  But I failed to get the other two mice in the picture as well.  And I'm sparing some very gross details like just the back feet/tail of a mouse and next to it just.  his.  face.  Major ick.  I think Simba will soon need to go to Mousers Anonymous.  I must say though, that he's turning into a unique cat in another way.  He LOVES to go on walks when we take Lisi.  I'm sure we are quite the sight with a big golden trodding perfectly beside us and a  soon-to-be tom cat racing in front and then behind and then up a tree - all the while continuing with us on our journey.
 Then there is trick or treating.  It's kind of an annual pilgrimage to come here and hit the pavement.  A nice bunch this year.  I failed to get 'the boys' as they were off and running immediately.  I think there were 10 kids here this year.
 The little goblins eating pizza to garner strength for the next subdivision.
 Son #1 came back with nearly 12 lbs. of candy.  The girls have a bit less than that.  The dentist is on speed dial.
 Ahhh.  Football.  I hesitate to write much about it because it is an intense sport.  But if you knew son #1, you would understand his need to play and bonk the crazies out of linemen.  The undefeated team has finished their job.  I almost hesitate to tell you that I felt a big tinge of sadness at the end of the last game.  However, it'll be nice to see son #1 join us for suppertime again.
Uh-oh.  Notice her, "I'm so very sorry for tearing up my new pink poodle" face?  Don't believe her.  She's not sorry one iota.  Apparently, there's hardly nothing more rewarding than to find an open seam and pull out all the stuffing.  Fortunately, Goodwill sells them for pennies.  
And that my dear peeps is my musing for this Monday.  There are four loads of clothes to fold, some stroganoff (blogger doesn't recognize the word stroganoff!) to stir up, and a pooch to walk.  Hopefully, I don't step on a dismembered mouse as I walk out the door.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workable Wednesday

Well I should be working.  I have a house to clean, laundry to fold, a dishwasher to unload, and a dog to walk.  So yes, this will be a workable Wednesday.

It's hard to be motivated when you walk by the dog bed and see this:
Or go out to empty trash in the garage and see this:
Yes, we've upped the ante again.  A heated pad for our little feline in the garage.  Warms up his little body and he doesn't want to move.  I hope he keeps mousing anyway...

He's been causing a bit of a ruckus in the neighborhood.  It's to the point he almost needs a ghost writer.  This morning he headed inside the neighbor's home for a visit.  Yesterday, a teenage boy and his (girl)friend were walking by and apparently Simba thought he needed to be part of the action.  So he walked home with them.  We have the golden-retriever of cats.

It seems like every store has a loyalty program.  My keychain has one key and 14 loyalty plastic thingys dangling along.  Yesterday I did a drop at Goodwill and ran in for a couple new stuffed animals for Lisi and Goodwill even has a loyalty card for goodness sake!

Speaking of discounts.  We are signed up for an automatic withdrawal for many things.  I noticed this month that our internet/phone service went up by another $11.  I called to complain and threaten to leave their business behind and within five minutes I was offered a $25/month savings.  Squeaky wheels do get grease.

Does your plastic ware area look like this?
That actually isn't my cupboard, but it sure could have been.  I stuck my head deep in the scary, dark corners of that cupboard and basically recycled about 47 of the little deli meat containers.  I still have LOTS of storage things, but at least it is under control and doesn't leap out to the floor when I open the door.  Any tips on keeping it organized?

I think I just started to bore myself re-reading this post.  So I better go work...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Musings

Not lots to muse I guess.  Maybe you can just look at my phone pictures!

What is it about catnip?  I got some from the garden, was trying to get it put in a bag to dry, and got attacked.

My faithful friend sitting at soccer field with me.  This wasn't close enough.  She eventually crawled on my lap - all 75 lbs of her to the delight of my neighboring camp chair sitters.

A chilly soccer game that started out four points behind and ended with a 5-4 victory!

On to football.  A couple guys I saw watching the game.

The lit up field.  I could add that it was a 30-0 victory for our undefeated team.  But that would come off as bragging, so I better not.

Visiting the cemetery.  Sixteen years ago on October 22 we saw our first daughter born too soon.

Thankful yet again for sharing this journey of life with my better half.

Yes it is neon day in case you asked!
Mused out...  I'd say you should get some money back for insufficient musings this Monday.  Wait!  This is a free form of entertainment.  Sorry.  No refunds.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Words on Wednesday

Well I'll get back in the writing saddle and see where this leads.  

Recent experiences have taught me a very big lesson.  Sometimes being on auto-pilot isn't always a good thing.  Reality checks are actually necessary.  You realize that you may have been a bit off-course and need to get steering in the right direction again.  The past days I've done some deep searching and it has been very good for me and will probably be better for the family as well.  

An old Don Williams song has a phrase that says, 'your my anchor in life's ocean... but most of all, you're my best friend'.  That sums up my feelings for the Chairman these days.  We will be sharing our 18th anniversary in just a few weeks.  And I'm so incredibly thankful to say that my respect, love, and devotion to him is deeper today than on November 5, 1994.  

Now on to lighter news!  Mice!  It is almost nauseating how many Simba is bringing home.  We've lost count.  He's starting to eat them now.  Double-ick.
My apologies to a NE reader for feeling disgusted at the latest kill... notice the the licked chops!
 Ever since I was about 2, I remember loving all animals.  I used to think they really had a lot of feelings.  Actually, I still do.  That is why if you are brought into our home as a pet, you've got it made with certain restrictions.  Because of a leak, Beanie Bart Jr. has a new tank.  He's made himself a very large bubble nest, so I think he's happy with the new digs.
Yes, we have allowed a certain cat into our home as well.  However, we're not wild over the thought of him on furniture and with loud and scary corrections, he's stayed off of it.  But cats like height and soft places.  So instead of allowing Simba to hog Lisi's bed all the time, I made him his own.  I think he likes it...

No, she really doesn't play violin.  And yes, he was very, very curious.

I had a couple extra girls last weekend.  They got a free t-shirt and decorating fun at one store.
 Last night, I decided we needed a big ol' pot of spaghetti sauce again.  Since the Chairman is 50% Italian, we don't look at this chore lightly.  After years of continual trying, I think I've finally figured it out for the most part.  As I encouraged daughter #1 to chop and I was saying how she needed to learn how to make the sauce she said, 'I'm not Italian!'.  Well guess what my dear?  I'm not either!  After mixing up the meatball mixture, she was starting to enjoy it.
 Ouch.  Yes, daughter #2 is on the basketball team.  All teensy-weensy bit of her is packing a little punch on the court.  But my frugality came at a cost.  She rolled on her ankle right at the end of the game.  I mistakenly thought basketball shoes were unnecessary for 5th grade and got some multi-purpose ones.  (rats)  She really isn't on crutches - just wrapped.  But it sure is fun to have to use them!
 This growing guy is cool-cat city.  He thinks getting his picture taken by his mother isn't at all necessary.  So I captured him doing something with Lisi.  I may be biased, but I think he's handsome even if he isn't looking at the camera.

 I feel like I'm two-timing these days.  If Simba sees Lisi and I heading for a walk, he races out to go along.  It's cute and irritating at the same time.  So we have to sneak away for our venture without the feline if possible.
And finally, Simba got another ride home last night.  I have no idea who it was as one of the MYP accepted the call and took the cat.  You see our neighborhood thinks cats should be inside and if they see one out, it must be lost!  Well our cat wants to be incognito and lost and hunting for moving furry things.  So he will be getting more rides home I reckon.  I guess when this kind gentleman called though, he was telling son #1 he had our cat in his car and was coming over... then suddenly yells into son #1's ear, 'SIMBA GET DOWN FROM THERE'.  Well sir... you chose to put our cat in your car...  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Musings

This is how I feel today:

And like this:

And like this:

I could write to you about the MYP or the latest mouse-capade or the Chairman.  But I feel like things are a bit out of balance.  So I will leave it at that...  until I 'see' you again some day.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thick Thursday

That will be my middle-section if I keep raiding the Halloween candy I bought.

Speaking of food.  Daughter #2 was waxing on and on about a grandparents delicious milk.  It was just sooo good.  Then I realized that they only buy whole milk!  So I bought her a 1/2 gallon to enjoy.  She's got a BMI of about -5, so I think she can handle it.

I was checking back on something on my FB profile.  I had a status in October of '08 wondering I should quit blogging and just use FB.  Four years later...

Something bit Simba.  I wish he could tell me what.  He's got two punctures that are healing on the top of his nose.  He came home, licked his wounds (literally!), and promptly went to sleep on Lisi's bed.

I winterized our trailer this year!  Thanks to a willing father that answered questions, Google, and some good Youtube clips.  At least I hope I did it right.  Hopefully, there's not a geyser in the spring when we turn on the faucets.

Adoption came up in a recent written conversation I had with someone.  I mentioned that at one point, adoption was such a big part of our life and it has morphed into being such an incredible non-issue that I almost feel like we should be discussing things more.  But we are too busy loving our MYP and living life.  They know they can ask questions.  The funny thing, the one that isn't adopted asks the most.  :-)  I love what one adopted/biological mother said when someone asked her which of hers were adopted.  She responded, 'I don't remember'.

Nature vs. nurture.  The other day, one of our daughters called.  After the first three phrases I had to ask, 'who is this?'.  They sound exactly alike on the phone.

You know that feeling as a parent when you feel like you know your children inside and out and upside down?  There's a girl in daughter #2's grade.  They look very similar.  Their hair is identical.  Their height is about 1/4" different.  They play on the same soccer team.  I mix them up constantly when watching games.  I honestly have to go by the number on the jersey to be certain.  And I'm the mother for goodness sake!  Well last night I was parked by the other girl's van.  The father was in the driver's seat beckoning our daughter #2 into his van with a huge smile thinking it was his own daughter.  So see?  I'm not the only one that thinks they look alike.

Yesterday, a friend and I had the privilege of visiting an 86-year young man that is on a rehab floor in the hospital for lots of reasons.  As we were leaving, I told him that we remember him there.  He looked up with misty eyes and said, 'you do?  you really do?  I feel so alone sometimes.'  Then his eyes got brighter again.  'Thank you for thinking of me.'  The dear man.  The other dear, sweet, special folks in their sunset years.  If you have any near you, go see them.  You might cheer them up.  But I guarantee you will feel even better for it.

Time to make caramel pecan rolls.  No, not for my Thick Thursday.  For a potluck we are attending soon.  I figure if I fatten up all my friends, I'll look slender.  I'm nice like that.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Musings

Years ago when I was single and carefree living a fun life in Minneapolis, I heard about someone that was going to go winter camping.  It made an impression and I wanted to go try it out.  Adversity!  Snuggles!  And bragging rights if nothing else.  The past five or so years, we have camped the first weekend of October here in Dairyland.  It is supposed to be fall camping at its best.  Deep-blue skies permeated with brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows fluttering down from the heavens.  Last year that is what it was.  The other years - including this one?  Winter camping.  Brrrr.

Only one of them got to go...
The first night, the Chairman and son #1 had to return home for a sports obligation.  So the girls and I snuggled into our sleeping bags and slumbered off to sleep.  But I kept waking up thinking 'IT'S REALLY COLD!'.  Now mind you, we have a camper.  But we were not running the heater because of a weak battery.  I had visions of Pa Ingalls stoking the fire and Laura watching down from the loft with appreciation. Or maybe it was hypothermia settling in.

The Chairman can almost get tedious for me at times.  Why you ask?  Because he's so careful and thoughtful and makes sure all is well twenty times over in about any situation.  I love him for that.  Especially after discovering a humongous raccoon had opened the cooler I forgot to put into the camper at night.  He ate up two large loaves of artisan bread that I had pain-stakingly slathered with garlic butter.  He lifted the lid of my 4-hour effort of spaghetti sauce and smeared it all over the cooler inside and out.  Ugh.  If the Chairman had been there, these things wouldn't have happened.

We had a very wonderful long hike at the park.  It was so pretty.  We ate to our heart's content including chocolate birthday cake with peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache.  We visited like none other.  We even had a few rip-roaring laughs about some things that you had to be there to know...
Cousins - 18 years apart

the group hike

And we had fellowship on Sunday.  There is this family that kindly invited us to their home for dinner.

How was it?  Well these people has a farm and huge vegetable gardens.  Not just your run-of-the-mill operation.  No.  We're talking walk-in coolers with abundance of organic beauty that they sell at farmer's markets.  The ham they served?  Well it was from their own pig that they had soaked in a special brine for four days and smoked over grape-wood for six hours.  Wow.  Besides the fact that their food was luscious.  Their company was sweeter.

the boys 

good friends that braved the camping

sugar and spice and usually nice

Add caption
We came home to an aftermath of mess.  The MYP helped without grudging!  But they got hungry as little bears and so daughter #2 remembered I had Aunt Koral's pancake mix!  So she asked a few questions and whipped up supper for her siblings.  I like kids getting older!

So I'm driving this.

 A traveling billboard.  The hit-and-run lady's insurance cut the check.  So our van could go to the shop.  They promised a free loaner.  And so now I am a traveling advertisement!  I'm wondering when people look at me if they think I'm a terrible driver.  I probably caused a terrible accident and my vehicle is in repair is what they are thinking...  Maybe I should wear a neck brace when I go out now to really stoke their interest.  Or drive erratically.  Or super-fast (not that I would do that you know).  It's kinda fun to be sporting around in a car for a change though!

Monday mused out.  Back to reality.