Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Musings

Not lots to muse I guess.  Maybe you can just look at my phone pictures!

What is it about catnip?  I got some from the garden, was trying to get it put in a bag to dry, and got attacked.

My faithful friend sitting at soccer field with me.  This wasn't close enough.  She eventually crawled on my lap - all 75 lbs of her to the delight of my neighboring camp chair sitters.

A chilly soccer game that started out four points behind and ended with a 5-4 victory!

On to football.  A couple guys I saw watching the game.

The lit up field.  I could add that it was a 30-0 victory for our undefeated team.  But that would come off as bragging, so I better not.

Visiting the cemetery.  Sixteen years ago on October 22 we saw our first daughter born too soon.

Thankful yet again for sharing this journey of life with my better half.

Yes it is neon day in case you asked!
Mused out...  I'd say you should get some money back for insufficient musings this Monday.  Wait!  This is a free form of entertainment.  Sorry.  No refunds.