Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workable Wednesday

Well I should be working.  I have a house to clean, laundry to fold, a dishwasher to unload, and a dog to walk.  So yes, this will be a workable Wednesday.

It's hard to be motivated when you walk by the dog bed and see this:
Or go out to empty trash in the garage and see this:
Yes, we've upped the ante again.  A heated pad for our little feline in the garage.  Warms up his little body and he doesn't want to move.  I hope he keeps mousing anyway...

He's been causing a bit of a ruckus in the neighborhood.  It's to the point he almost needs a ghost writer.  This morning he headed inside the neighbor's home for a visit.  Yesterday, a teenage boy and his (girl)friend were walking by and apparently Simba thought he needed to be part of the action.  So he walked home with them.  We have the golden-retriever of cats.

It seems like every store has a loyalty program.  My keychain has one key and 14 loyalty plastic thingys dangling along.  Yesterday I did a drop at Goodwill and ran in for a couple new stuffed animals for Lisi and Goodwill even has a loyalty card for goodness sake!

Speaking of discounts.  We are signed up for an automatic withdrawal for many things.  I noticed this month that our internet/phone service went up by another $11.  I called to complain and threaten to leave their business behind and within five minutes I was offered a $25/month savings.  Squeaky wheels do get grease.

Does your plastic ware area look like this?
That actually isn't my cupboard, but it sure could have been.  I stuck my head deep in the scary, dark corners of that cupboard and basically recycled about 47 of the little deli meat containers.  I still have LOTS of storage things, but at least it is under control and doesn't leap out to the floor when I open the door.  Any tips on keeping it organized?

I think I just started to bore myself re-reading this post.  So I better go work...


  1. Your dog and cat look very cute napping and I am sure kitty enjoys the heating pad.

  2. Your pets look well spoiled for sure ;) Looks like there's rewards in paying attention to the bills!