Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thick Thursday

That will be my middle-section if I keep raiding the Halloween candy I bought.

Speaking of food.  Daughter #2 was waxing on and on about a grandparents delicious milk.  It was just sooo good.  Then I realized that they only buy whole milk!  So I bought her a 1/2 gallon to enjoy.  She's got a BMI of about -5, so I think she can handle it.

I was checking back on something on my FB profile.  I had a status in October of '08 wondering I should quit blogging and just use FB.  Four years later...

Something bit Simba.  I wish he could tell me what.  He's got two punctures that are healing on the top of his nose.  He came home, licked his wounds (literally!), and promptly went to sleep on Lisi's bed.

I winterized our trailer this year!  Thanks to a willing father that answered questions, Google, and some good Youtube clips.  At least I hope I did it right.  Hopefully, there's not a geyser in the spring when we turn on the faucets.

Adoption came up in a recent written conversation I had with someone.  I mentioned that at one point, adoption was such a big part of our life and it has morphed into being such an incredible non-issue that I almost feel like we should be discussing things more.  But we are too busy loving our MYP and living life.  They know they can ask questions.  The funny thing, the one that isn't adopted asks the most.  :-)  I love what one adopted/biological mother said when someone asked her which of hers were adopted.  She responded, 'I don't remember'.

Nature vs. nurture.  The other day, one of our daughters called.  After the first three phrases I had to ask, 'who is this?'.  They sound exactly alike on the phone.

You know that feeling as a parent when you feel like you know your children inside and out and upside down?  There's a girl in daughter #2's grade.  They look very similar.  Their hair is identical.  Their height is about 1/4" different.  They play on the same soccer team.  I mix them up constantly when watching games.  I honestly have to go by the number on the jersey to be certain.  And I'm the mother for goodness sake!  Well last night I was parked by the other girl's van.  The father was in the driver's seat beckoning our daughter #2 into his van with a huge smile thinking it was his own daughter.  So see?  I'm not the only one that thinks they look alike.

Yesterday, a friend and I had the privilege of visiting an 86-year young man that is on a rehab floor in the hospital for lots of reasons.  As we were leaving, I told him that we remember him there.  He looked up with misty eyes and said, 'you do?  you really do?  I feel so alone sometimes.'  Then his eyes got brighter again.  'Thank you for thinking of me.'  The dear man.  The other dear, sweet, special folks in their sunset years.  If you have any near you, go see them.  You might cheer them up.  But I guarantee you will feel even better for it.

Time to make caramel pecan rolls.  No, not for my Thick Thursday.  For a potluck we are attending soon.  I figure if I fatten up all my friends, I'll look slender.  I'm nice like that.


  1. I agree on visiting these dear does a lot to our own spirits. Some of these folks don't even have strength enough to hold their bibles to read... One of the dear ones I/we would visit passed away yesterday. :(

  2. Hahaha.... well maybe that's why I'm baking. Except I'm eating way too much of my own baking which defeats the purpose of fattening up friends. LOVE what my parents taught me years ago about being friends with the sunset folks. I'll be there soon enough and I hope people visit me! Putting that out there now for the young readers here. ;)

  3. :) Always enjoy your posts! :) @Lani, I'll come visit you if I'm in the vicinity...I'm not all that much younger than you though! ;)

  4. Well, I have one "taker". How 'bout that? Maybe we could be roommates, Laurie! ;)