Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Musings

I should get out of my pajamas.  But I must muse first.  Thoughts just roll around in my empty head until I put them down.  Speaking of rolls.  I have cinnamon rolls rising in the pans as I type.  So don't think I've just been lazing around this morning.  I actually attempted to get the cat back home again (I don't learn lessons very quickly) since he was wandering around a neighbor's porch.  Simba looked at me like I was a complete and dangerous stranger and ran like the wind when he saw me coming.  Approximately 10 minutes later he rushed into the house in full purr mode waiting for his food.  Cats... that's why some people hate them.

I feel like this blog has morphed into talking about dogs and cats.  Well I do want to mention the MYP again.  We are at such a sweet spot in life.  They are old enough to dress themselves.  They are young enough to ask for help with homework or life.  They are old enough to interact with each other without a huge fight breaking out.  They are young enough to not have the responsibility of jobs.  They are old enough to have long conversations about a memory or the future.  They are young enough to really want to listen to a story about the 'old days'.  I caught my breath several times this weekend.  Once was sitting around our round table at suppertime on Friday night.  It was as ordinary as a Friday night supper at the Chairman's chalet could be.  And it was so extraordinary as well.  These three young people were really just gifts loaned to us.  The times like this will be short.  I want to value them.  Even if I'm completely exhausted some days.
after meeting shot yesterday just because...
We heard about someone that will be marrying in the near future.  He's approximately our age.  I was kinda fishing for a compliment.  I told the Chairman that I'm not pretty or young or exciting like this new one was going to be.  I was secretly hoping he'd say, 'oh, you are always that to me my love...' or something on that order.  Without even glancing up from what he was doing, he said, 'well it is good to have a stable home life too'.  Um.  Thanks for the compliment!  I think.

Yesterday, Simba rushed out early in the morning when I let Lisi outside.  An hour or more later, I opened the door to check on him.  He rushes in between my legs.  About three seconds later I hear the Chairman around the corner say, 'wow, they sure make these fake mice look like real mice!'.  (We do have a fake one he plays with.)  I come around the corner.  I see Simba sitting at the Chairman's bare feet.  I see the mouse he's looking at.  It is very, very real.  Luckily it was actually dead.  I said as calmly as I could, 'well, that one is real'.  AAARRGGGHHH!  So I picked up mousey with a paper town and hurled him back outside with the cat.  

I was reading Pioneer Woman's blog this morning on Google Reader.  I read a lot of blogs of people I know or people that know people I know if you know what I mean.  Pioneer Woman is one of those that is just always makes me smile.  I love the prairie shots.  I love the stories about her basset hound Charlie.  And I love her snarky wit.  I wish I could be more like her.  Sorta.  

Saw this on my feeder this morning.  I actually killed one with my bare feet yesterday.  The MYP thought it was really gross.  But the spider is dead for certain that way.

Time to get out of my jammies!


  1. Well I like PW, too, but you are better for many reasons. Except for the dead mouse shot...that's sort of Pioneer Woman-ish actually. YUCK!! and about the "soak-it-in-moments" of child raising....Mine are all in their twenties and these are good years, too, but I do have a little storehouse of those long ago moments that I go back and visit in my mind now and bank up a lot of them while you can! Thanks for the fun kickoff to this Monday, the beginning of the delightful month of October!!

  2. Oh funny. If you don't mind, I think I'll repost that on Facebook. :)

  3. hehe, so that's where Lani came up with that one--Ekkks...bare foot??!! No thanks! I can do shoes fine, but that's as close as I would get. Now if it was a snake in my house, now that's about time to set the fire....
    Love those sweet kido memories, and love the just because photos. You'll never regret having those!

  4. And I'm still trying to figure out why my name comes up as J&39;s!!!