Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Musings

I think I'm going to cheat again.  Instead of witty wisdom coming forth from the Chef, it'll be more pictures documenting my days.  I promise to return to the chuckle chair before long again.  I just have a long list of things I'd like to do before the Chairman and the MYP return from their duties today.

my al fresco lunch dates last week
 We had a couple days off school so ventured off to see Gpa and Gma R.  Gma dug out a very, very, very old thing you looked at to see a 3D image of a picture.  Think about a Viewmaster and then go back another 50 years...  We had a yummy lunch and nice visit (when I wasn't hollering at the MYP to behave themselves).

He prefers more modern technology

Moving forward 50 years to LOTS of Viewmaster  reels to look at

I should take pictures more often like this...
 Then as we were driving the hour+ home again, I started to tell some riveting stories about the past...

 At least the one sitting shotgun could capture the enthusiasm for my tales...
This one burned midnight oil and started off  her day in the chair with wild enthusiasm.
 Ok.  I'm so very sorry to my faithful reader from NE.  You can't stand dead mice pictures.  Please avert your eyes.  And remember we are near Halloween so you can expect macabre.  This might look like a great morning.  But I failed to get the other two mice in the picture as well.  And I'm sparing some very gross details like just the back feet/tail of a mouse and next to it just.  his.  face.  Major ick.  I think Simba will soon need to go to Mousers Anonymous.  I must say though, that he's turning into a unique cat in another way.  He LOVES to go on walks when we take Lisi.  I'm sure we are quite the sight with a big golden trodding perfectly beside us and a  soon-to-be tom cat racing in front and then behind and then up a tree - all the while continuing with us on our journey.
 Then there is trick or treating.  It's kind of an annual pilgrimage to come here and hit the pavement.  A nice bunch this year.  I failed to get 'the boys' as they were off and running immediately.  I think there were 10 kids here this year.
 The little goblins eating pizza to garner strength for the next subdivision.
 Son #1 came back with nearly 12 lbs. of candy.  The girls have a bit less than that.  The dentist is on speed dial.
 Ahhh.  Football.  I hesitate to write much about it because it is an intense sport.  But if you knew son #1, you would understand his need to play and bonk the crazies out of linemen.  The undefeated team has finished their job.  I almost hesitate to tell you that I felt a big tinge of sadness at the end of the last game.  However, it'll be nice to see son #1 join us for suppertime again.
Uh-oh.  Notice her, "I'm so very sorry for tearing up my new pink poodle" face?  Don't believe her.  She's not sorry one iota.  Apparently, there's hardly nothing more rewarding than to find an open seam and pull out all the stuffing.  Fortunately, Goodwill sells them for pennies.  
And that my dear peeps is my musing for this Monday.  There are four loads of clothes to fold, some stroganoff (blogger doesn't recognize the word stroganoff!) to stir up, and a pooch to walk.  Hopefully, I don't step on a dismembered mouse as I walk out the door.

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  1. Poor R! Oh, and to just let you know, I found one of those little guys in a prone condition the other day. I thought of you. I thought of blogging about it, but it's where-abouts really wasn't a good thing to mention in public. I might never get company again! :P
    Looks like halloween fun! You must have early trick-or-treating in your area there. Makes it last longer!