Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Words on Wednesday

Well I'll get back in the writing saddle and see where this leads.  

Recent experiences have taught me a very big lesson.  Sometimes being on auto-pilot isn't always a good thing.  Reality checks are actually necessary.  You realize that you may have been a bit off-course and need to get steering in the right direction again.  The past days I've done some deep searching and it has been very good for me and will probably be better for the family as well.  

An old Don Williams song has a phrase that says, 'your my anchor in life's ocean... but most of all, you're my best friend'.  That sums up my feelings for the Chairman these days.  We will be sharing our 18th anniversary in just a few weeks.  And I'm so incredibly thankful to say that my respect, love, and devotion to him is deeper today than on November 5, 1994.  

Now on to lighter news!  Mice!  It is almost nauseating how many Simba is bringing home.  We've lost count.  He's starting to eat them now.  Double-ick.
My apologies to a NE reader for feeling disgusted at the latest kill... notice the the licked chops!
 Ever since I was about 2, I remember loving all animals.  I used to think they really had a lot of feelings.  Actually, I still do.  That is why if you are brought into our home as a pet, you've got it made with certain restrictions.  Because of a leak, Beanie Bart Jr. has a new tank.  He's made himself a very large bubble nest, so I think he's happy with the new digs.
Yes, we have allowed a certain cat into our home as well.  However, we're not wild over the thought of him on furniture and with loud and scary corrections, he's stayed off of it.  But cats like height and soft places.  So instead of allowing Simba to hog Lisi's bed all the time, I made him his own.  I think he likes it...

No, she really doesn't play violin.  And yes, he was very, very curious.

I had a couple extra girls last weekend.  They got a free t-shirt and decorating fun at one store.
 Last night, I decided we needed a big ol' pot of spaghetti sauce again.  Since the Chairman is 50% Italian, we don't look at this chore lightly.  After years of continual trying, I think I've finally figured it out for the most part.  As I encouraged daughter #1 to chop and I was saying how she needed to learn how to make the sauce she said, 'I'm not Italian!'.  Well guess what my dear?  I'm not either!  After mixing up the meatball mixture, she was starting to enjoy it.
 Ouch.  Yes, daughter #2 is on the basketball team.  All teensy-weensy bit of her is packing a little punch on the court.  But my frugality came at a cost.  She rolled on her ankle right at the end of the game.  I mistakenly thought basketball shoes were unnecessary for 5th grade and got some multi-purpose ones.  (rats)  She really isn't on crutches - just wrapped.  But it sure is fun to have to use them!
 This growing guy is cool-cat city.  He thinks getting his picture taken by his mother isn't at all necessary.  So I captured him doing something with Lisi.  I may be biased, but I think he's handsome even if he isn't looking at the camera.

 I feel like I'm two-timing these days.  If Simba sees Lisi and I heading for a walk, he races out to go along.  It's cute and irritating at the same time.  So we have to sneak away for our venture without the feline if possible.
And finally, Simba got another ride home last night.  I have no idea who it was as one of the MYP accepted the call and took the cat.  You see our neighborhood thinks cats should be inside and if they see one out, it must be lost!  Well our cat wants to be incognito and lost and hunting for moving furry things.  So he will be getting more rides home I reckon.  I guess when this kind gentleman called though, he was telling son #1 he had our cat in his car and was coming over... then suddenly yells into son #1's ear, 'SIMBA GET DOWN FROM THERE'.  Well sir... you chose to put our cat in your car...  


  1. Thanks for the morning giggle about Simba's ride home! Having no pets now, but having grown up with cats and dogs, I completely get their language!! So it's fun to read your adventures with them.

  2. I really do enjoy your words, no matter which day. I know it wasn't this NE reader being gaggy--IMO that's a cat's job :)

  3. Ha Ha how perfect that you got the pic right while Simba was licking his chops. ICK!

  4. I'm pretty sure my boys wish you were their Mom! :) No sign of pets here. But you are much more "put together" about this sort of thing and there is no threat of animal neglect. Here on the other hand... well, if I can't keep a plant alive, I'm pretty sure I can't keep an animal alive. I wonder how I keep my kids alive. :)

  5. Well you shouldn't have to worry about mice making pets of themselves.