Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Post #857.  Hard to believe that I have had that much to say through the years.  My mostly nice older brother would think otherwise.  My entire life I have faced adversity.  From that mostly nice older brother that never had anything to say - yet would taunt, tease, laugh at, and criticize my talkative ways.  He still tries to trouble me even from afar.  But I won't let it get me down.

See this sweet face tucked up on an old dog bed on our freshly-stacked wood pile?
Looks like a picture of sweet innocence,right?  Wrong.  Last night Simba decided he wanted some late-night air and rushed out when the Chairman was taking Lisi on her last walk of the day.  I was outside checking on some things and Simba cavorted and attacked me while I was there.  I come in to tuck in the MYP chins as they were going to sleep.  Go back out about a half-hour later.  No cat.  The Chairman returns.  We look at all his favorite hunting spots (a mouse/day is being caught).  An hour later.  No cat.  I get the LED flashlight out as it reflects cat eyes in the dark quite well.  I spot them!  I walk over to the field.  Except these cat eyes didn't belong to our golden-fur of sweetness.  It was a very, VERY big gray cat that looked menacing at best.  He took off.  Lisi had him up the 45' tree in record time.  Back to looking for Simba.  I put on nearly 1/2 mile of effort.  I hear a distant owl 'who-whooing'.  I'm imagining him having a late-night treat of our kitty.   (Psst.  Don't tell him I said this.)  The Chairman looked longer than I did...  he obviously has a very soft spot for this package of purring.  I finally succumb to sleep by 11 something.  "Well, we sure enjoyed him.  He was such a good little kitty.  But it is work.  You always are wondering where they are or if they are safe.  I don't think we will ever get another cat again because my nerves can't handle it.  But I'll sure cry when I know he's really gone.  I wish I didn't like animals so much."  These all thoughts racing through my tired brain as I fall off to sleep.  At midnight, there was a cry. I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder.  "Simba is home!" he whispers.  Yay!!!  "Our kitty!  Our dear kitty that loves to purr and catch lots of mice and moles.  He knows where home and safety is!  I'm so glad we have a cat." are all thoughts that race through my mind.  Silly us for worrying.  Silly cat for being independent.  But... something tells me that's what cats do.

Another picture just because you need to see this golden-haired pile of sweetness...
We are in some beautiful times here in Dairyland.  Here are just a couple phone shots from my walk yesterday.

I could type more fodder.  But I would probably just be wasting my time and yours.  Plus, I don't want to give my mostly nice older brother more reason to text me with some taunting...

Have a nice weekend!  We have a super-one planned.  Provided that my long johns keep me warm enough.


  1. I'm waiting for the cat to start posting.... :D

  2. Hasn't it been beautiful walking weather?? Nice! Have fun this weekend. Brrr! We won't make it up there. DD1 has a parade to march in tomrrow afternoon. Thanks for stopping by my blog, we never did get much of a visit in this year at conv.!

  3. I have to admit that I nearly turned green with envy when you posted that picture of walking with Lisi the other day on Facebook. Glad kitty made it "home". :)

  4. Thinking about that "mostly nice older brother.." No, don't remember he had so much to say, but always wondered what HE was "thinking!" :D