Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dogs vs. Cats - Vet Trip

Preparing for vet visit

Lisi:  "Do you want to go for a ride?  Want to go see the doctor?  Do ya?  Do ya?  Do ya?"  Oh boy!  Do I ever!  I LOVE to go for rides!  Wheeeee!"  She runs to back door frantically wanting to get to the van.  She rushes into the back seat area.  Sits down and waits for a joy ride of her life.

Simba:  "Where's the cat?  Don't let him outside!  Grab him!  Did you latch the crate good?"  We start yelling over the coyote-like howling emerging from the kennel.  There is not one facet of fun for this feline heading to the vet.  Black eyes, turned back ears, and howls of protest emerge from the little kennel the whole seven minutes to the vet.

Arriving at the vet office

Lisi:  "Yay!  We're here!"  She joyfully jumps out of van once verbally released.  She races over to sniff all the other 297 doggy smells on the pillars and door frame.  She races into the office.  Heads straight to the scale and hops on without being told.  Why?  Because she's given a treat if she sits quietly.  If another dog is in the room, she immediately has made a new forever-friend just by a good butt-sniff.

Simba:  Howl-yowling the whole way there, he suddenly gets quiet as we walk into the office.  He does some bizarre jump-like behavior in the kennel to make feel like he's falling out of the kennel.  We look in and see a panther-like creature staring back at us in complete disgust and fear all mixed together.


Lisi:  Veterinarian comes in.  "Oh boy!  A lady that smells like dogs.  I love her so!"  Lisi sits perfectly still right before her in hopes of another little treat.  She wiggles and jiggles and pants and slurps and is smitten with utter joy at the attention.

Simba:  The door opens and in comes the vet.  "I hate this place.  I hate this kennel.  I would even hate you if I could."  He sneaks under the chair.  Under the examination table.  I grab him and once he's up on the table, is placid and completely fearful at the strange happenings and smells.  He actually behaves very well for all of the procedures but can't wait to get back in the kennel as it means he can get home.

Ride home

Lisi:  More sniffing.  More exuberance.  More joy at riding in the van again.  She looks up at me in the front seat with utter joy that she got to go somewhere fun once again.

Simba:  More mournful wails of protest coming out of the kennel.  Paws stretched through the little holes with claws emerging hoping to snag anyone that might come near.  Upon reaching home, the kennel door opens and he scurries out.  But not without a pause and a dirty look of disdain for insulting not only his intelligence but also his dignity.  He disappears between the bushes only to be seen again in a half-day because he's full of distrust for people in general.

Yes, dogs vs. cats.  You can't compare a cat with the dog.  You can't compare a dog with a cat.  They look at life through completely different eyes.  And maybe that's ok...


  1. What a fun read. Nope you can't compare them to each other for sure!

  2. You own the dog,
    you are owned by the cat...