Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Musings

Seriously.  I don't have much today.  I 'mused' too much on Thursday.  I'm going to have to keep my thoughts to myself so the incredible masses that come to visit on Monday don't be disappointed.

We did manage to freeze corn!  Just 10 dozen this time.  Hope to do more again next week.
Smiling at the beginning
Not taken by me apparently

Highly envious of those that can do this project in another place than the kitchen.  Can you say 'sticky floors'?
 We worked very hard.
Well some of us did anyway.

So tomorrow I hope to give blood.  The American Red Cross called and said these were desperate times.  I have recently been just shy of the iron level to donate.  So I've been eating anything that even sounds like it has iron in it.  I probably am gaining about 3 lbs/day and might not be able to donate after all.  Will see!

Simba meowed to go outside this morning at 4.  He had two mice on the front sidewalk by 6:30.  Mouse #2 was the chosen one to be breakfast.  Just a few minutes ago he was marching down the road with mouse #3 dangling from his jaws.  I think he needs to go to therapy.

This week promises to be just awesome.  We will be at a special place.  There will be special people there.  In fact, one of those special people is here only once/five years.  I paused and had to process something.  The next time we are with him in a special place two of the MYP will be out of high school and the last one driving.  Don't try and convince me that time doesn't pass quickly.

I'm mused out...



  1. Out here on the West Coast we are headed to a special place this week too!

  2. A few weeks ago Heather was going to give blood because she heard of the need. It has been so long since I gave blood (in KY) but I should try it again
    Enjoy your special time in a special place. It is a bit unsettling to think ahead 5 years not to mention 10.

  3. I love that cat of yours!
    I catch myself doing the 'They'll be x years old and doing this by the next time I see them' with my nieces and nephews. Time really does fly. Wish I could capture their baby-ness again!