Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thinking on Thursday

Just back from the dentist office, so I had time to think while I laid in the chair listening to the picking and prodding of the tartar off my teeth.  Actually, they are in splendid shape due in part to my new toothbrush.  However, I finally fessed up to the hygienist and said that I hadn't flossed since I last saw her.  Gross I know, but I was honest.  And she did everything but set me in the corner with a dunce hat for not flossing.  I promised I'd do better next time.

In case you're wondering, I haven't froze any corn yet.  We were busy dismantling a partially-working air hockey table.  I felt a bit uneasy when son #1 headed downstairs with an ax.  We also were busy cleaning the Chairman's Chalet.  We could be freezing corn today, but I'm enjoying a sticky-free kitchen floor too much today to get it dirty.  Tomorrow.  Maybe.  On a side note, I may or may have not yelled a few times yesterday to motivate some young people.  I don't like doing it but it sometimes works in desperate times.

Last night we heard true caterwauling.  I'm not sure if our little Tom Tiger was involved or not.  But it was long and loud and sounded actually quite spooky.  Tom Tiger came home this morning after his normal night out without so much as a scratch on the ear.

I just paid the fees for our first foray into high school.  $276 later...  I can't imagine what it will be with three in high school.  Oh wait I can....  ugh.

Two of the MYP are in a summer school thing for two weeks in the morning.  They complain and grumble about going, yet are up and at 'em by 7 ready to go.  So I tune them out and hope they are getting smarter.

The japanese beetles are fierce.  I've been spraying and flicking and going after them, but they are still winning.  They really love the leaves on raspberry bushes.

I'm sure you all are waiting for my latest lab results from the doctor visit right?  No?  Well I'll tell you anyway.  My overall cholesterol is 159.  LDL is 94.  HDL is 51.  And unfortunately, my thyroid test came back just splendid.  So what can I attribute to my utter fatigue each night and a slowly-burgeoning belly?  Maybe middle-age.

Out of the blue, a note came in the mail yesterday.  It was from someone I knew in my college years.  It totally made my day.  A note.  Written by hand.  Thinking of you.  Thoughtful?  Very much so.  In fact it got me thinking, I don't do this enough.  I figure with blogs and FB and e-mail, that should about cover it.  But it doesn't.  Not like a note coming in the mail mixed in with bills.

This is enough thinking on a Thursday.  Since it is nearly 10:30, I think I should throw some water on the last child sleeping in way too long.


  1. spent over 500 bucks at school registration time..actually it was 700 but that was lunch money thrown case that makes you feel better ;-)

    regarding thyroid..what were the numbers exactly because in order to get "help" you basically need to be dying..go to a natural doc and have them look at the numbers for ya...any other symptoms? thinning hair? cold all the time? could be your adrenals...take a natural supplement for that if/ when you get tested for that...i take dsf for adrenals and love it..feel tons better taking armour thyroid 60 mg and the adrenal supplement and kicking out gluten and dairy. disregard all this if it bores you or give it a try and see if it have active kids and this time of life and summertime are bound to make anyone tired tho' too!! take care!!!