Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Musings

Did ya miss me?  I was gone!  You didn't miss me?  Phew.  Snuffle.  I could make this a real dissertation since I'm usually very full of words (according to my mostly nice older brother).  I'll refrain as best I can.

We were up in Door County again with 62 of our closest friends.  Actually, they weren't all the closest, because some of you that read this blather are probably as close, but didn't happen to be there on our trip.  Oh boy, too many words.  Yes, it was a lot of people and it was delightful as ever.  I didn't take near as many pictures this year for some reason.

* Only in Dairyland...  the sign on the road heading north:  "raspberries, green beans, and Packer tickets"

* A sign in the campground at someone's site:  "campers have s'more fun"

* There were MYP there.  I mean many young people.  They are all like nieces and nephews to me.  In fact, I'd take many of them home to stay here with us for now and forever if they didn't have parents.  But since they do, I won't.  However, one sweet young thing told me with an adoring smile, 'you are just like a mom to me.  My mom can be my young mom and you can be my old mom.'  Thank you my sweets.

* My handsome soon-to-be 16-year old nephew spent some of his vacation time with us and enjoying the greenery of the Door.  He left yesterday.  I miss him already.  He's a lot like my brother.  But much nicer.

* The Chairman did next to no camping before we met and married.  I marvel how he rarely complains about the effort to actually pull it off especially during torrents of rain and taking down camp.  At one point as we sat side-by-side inside the camper with at least eight MYP inside with us during a rain shower he said, 'this is really nice and private'.  WHAT?  The campsite.  It's nice and private.  Oh.  I was wondering if you thought having ten people in a camper was 'nice and private'.

* I'm going to visit the Dr. tomorrow.  Please refrain from sending encouraging notes and cards.  It's just a physical.  However, I'm hoping that she can shed some light why I still have only partial mobility on my rotten shoulder.

* Speaking of Dr's... my mom had a call that her affected nodes are clean so the follow-up treatment is minimal.  We are thankful as can be.

* Anyone wanting to stop by this week and help husk and blanch sweet corn for the freezer?  I'd be cheerful when we would work together.  I think.  Unless you started to slack off.  Just ask our MYP...  

Happy Monday!


  1. Sweet corn day here too this week, but it's entirely possible that I will be cranky!

  2. I was a couple days ahead of you guys, so a few of those views look familiar. Settlers of Catan....gotta love that. I would love to help with the sweet corn, but I have other obligations to help some people celebrate 50 years of marriage. :-) Stay cheery!

  3. Sweet corn done here too. My mom came, so much easier with three. I enjoyed doing it when I was a kid.

    Sometimes you have more fun when you aren't taking pictures.