Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Musings

Those that live nearby or know us are aware of a quirky quality we have.  We hardly ever run the a/c here at the chalet.  Sometimes people will ask, 'surely you've turned on the air by now?'.  'Oh no!' I answer with a cheerful smile.  We will when it gets hot.  My melting breaking point is when it hits 86 in the house.  I've become a bit weaker with my advancing age.  I think it is 84 now and I can tell you that as of this morning, I turned on the a/c.  I'll be opening up as soon as the temperature and dew points drop below 85 again...

Window boxes.  Somehow they make a home look more cheerful and inviting.  I hope so because we have them and I love them.  I just snapped this photo this morning as I came in from getting the newspaper this morning.
Speaking of pictures.  This was taken this weekend.  We were on a family walk and took a shortcut through a corn field.  
 This one was all smiles until I told her that big, black, hairy spiders like to hide in corn stalks (heh heh).
Did you know about reverse sneezing in cats?  I didn't until last night when trying to search out what was ailing Simba.  He seems no worse for the wear except when he does an alarming cough-sneeze sound.

Last week was a frenetic pace of many, many young people coming and going.  The weekend was a sublime couple days of just a couple daughters, a Chairman that didn't need to work, relaxing meals on the porch, and a nap both days.  I think they are called mental health days.  Hopefully, I'm not a nut case the rest of the week.

Yesterday, a childless man was talking about being around a family that had lots of children.  After they had been there and were driving home, he and his wife we having a long discussion about life.  It seemed so low-key and tranquil and reflective.  Later the Chairman and I were talking about what he had mentioned.  We don't have long discussions about life.  We are too busy living it to discuss it right now.  

Speaking of life.  There was a funeral here yesterday.  That's right, right in our own home.  We flushed laid Beanie Bart Junior to rest.  It seemed like a little service was needed.  So I hummed #1 as I pushed down the lever to flush him away.  I would have actually sung the words but that seemed like overkill (pun intended).  

Mused out!  Stay cool!  We will for the next couple days anyway...


  1. I wish we could do without the a/c, but even when it cools down, the humidity fogs in and is unbearable, so once it's on it stays on, unless we have a really cool day with rain, then we bear with the humidity.

  2. I'm with you - stay strong as long as possible and avoid the AC. I tried to turn mine on for the first time this season today too. But, looks like it might need some service. :-/ At least I can turn the fan on and cycle some cooler basement air up one level.

  3. love the window boxes... i have wanted to have some on our little cottage for years, but they seem harder to put up on a brick house, somehow. anything that takes too much effort usually doesn't get done around here.... ahem...

  4. Ah yes. A/C. I wish I didn't like it so much. I just don't like to sweat. Unless I'm doing aerobics. And then I like a shower ASAP afterward. I'm just a fussbudget. ;)