Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Musings

A couple of the creatures here aren't stirring yet, so will quickly pen a muse.  I felt a little squeamish when I was going to sleep last night.  I couldn't think of musing material.  However, I do have some photos that sum up a week in the life of the Chairman's family.

It is strawberry season here.  We picked lots and lots.  Made 12 batches of jam with the help of some nice MYP that appreciate jam on fresh bread on a cold winter's day.  About half-way through they were almost doing it all on their own with me meddling a bit.

Summer birthday parties are fun.  Especially if a pool is involved.  It was actually a girl party, but I had a couple boys here and the next morning 'the mom' asked if they wanted to come over.  Of course!  Boys like to stir up girls' parties.

Then there was an invite to friends for dinner.  Not just any dinner.  Authentic Indian deliciousness made by dear friends.  They were kind enough to allow a few extra MYP we had at our house to come along.

 They also invited this baby and her nice parents.  This spunky little 10-month old had no lack of handlers that night.  :-)  She's not all sugar and spice and everything nice.  She can yell for attention like a mad woman.  She can growl like a dog.  She can whistle!  And she can charm anyone with her ready smile.
As we watched Lisi slink around the corner the other morning trying to nab some leftover cat foot with nothing but a huge pile of guilt on her face, the Chairman said something I found simple, yet profound.  Cats never look guilty like dogs do.  Interesting thought...

So now I better go face the mound of dirty laundry and dust piling on the piano.  We have special people coming tomorrow.  We have berry picking tomorrow.  And psst!  We have the Chairman's birthday tomorrow!  So I best quit musing and start moving!


  1. Happy birthday tomorrow, Mr. Chariman..maybe you will have strawberry shortcake or strawberry pie.

  2. Gone are the days when we need mounds of jelly, I am missing it. I should make at least one batch. Happy Birthday to the Chairman, he shares it then with another special person you and I know.