Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All about love...

Love.  I don't know much about it other than I chose who I loved and I love my choice.
Last night, we were at a 50th anniversary dinner for this couple and it got me thinking about love.  
This couple is super-special to those in this area.  They are about as different as night/day, oil/vinegar, sweet/salty, you get the picture.  She was raised in a very secure, loving home with privileges and all that goes with that.  He was raised in a situation that was hard, uncertain, and didn't have much more than the basics of life.  He loved what he saw in her.  Found out how to get her college class schedule and as he put it last night, 'stalked' her a bit and asked her out to a play.  The rest is history.  All 50-something years and two children later with many highs and lows that life had to offer.  Their son shared that all through his life as the home and neighborhood and life brings changes, he has always felt his parents never did change even though he did.  It was touching.

So I was thinking about life and love as I looked over the people gathered.  Many were from that age-group.  Sitting next to them was their spouse and best friend and love for life.  It was beautiful really.  In this day and age we hear so much about broken marriages.  Ugly divorces.  Our MYP have witnessed it in the parents of school friends.  Their understanding of such sadness at their age brings questions about love and marriage.  And that's alright.  

Last week as my parents were separated by the doors of an operating room, I could tell my father was extremely anxious and concerned about his own spouse and best friend and love for life.  I hope they don't mind me posting this, but as soon as she got back from surgery, this is what I saw:

Dad at her side.  Mom reaching out.  A small gesture that had lots of meaning.  I'm thankful for this example in my parents and in the Chairman's parents.    

When I stayed overnight at my parents last week, I noticed a plaque on the bedroom wall:

"When you marry her, love her.
After you marry her, study her.
When she is blue, cheer her.
When she is talkative, by all means listen to her.
If she dresses well, compliment her.
When she is cross, humor her.
If she does you a favor, kiss her.
When she is jealous, cure her.
If dinner is cold, eat it, not her.
When she looks pretty, tell her so.
Let her feel how well you understand her.
But never let her know she isn't boss."

And that is all I know "All about love"...

p.s.  For those of you wondering, my mom is doing wonderful!  Thank you for your thoughts towards them.


  1. I like the plaque... We have some great examples in this area.

  2. That pic of your parents is sweet beyond words.