Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Musings

Monday, how did you get here so fast?  I'll tell you at the end of this post.

Am sure most of you know by now.  My mom had her surgery three days ago.  If you know her, she is a remarkable person.  And it was fitting that this surgery turned out remarkably.  She handled it like a breeze even though it ended up being a teensy-weensy bit more complicated than they originally thought.  We hope for good news from the lab results.

Waiting for someone in surgery is a test in patience.  Waiting is just.  plain.  exhausting.  I would have rather been home and cleaned the house and washed the entire wardrobes of our family and still not have been as tired as I was sitting there waiting.  The people watching was phenomenal.  I'm so very thankful some of the people I saw were not my relatives.  

I saw a little boy and his father in the gift shop.  The approximately six-year old had a feeding tube and had something recently dreadful happen as he had lost both his legs just past the knee.  The wounds were fresh.  The father was told by the clerk to 'have a nice day'.  His response:  'I'll try'.  Pitiful.  

I feel sick in hospitals.  No, not really sick.  But like almost 'what is wrong with me?' since everyone else has something wrong. 

Nurses work very hard and have very long days.  And are of every size, shape and color.  

Surgeons are talented people and worth admiring for sure.  

The cafeteria offerings were actually quite tasty!  Freshly-grown romaine from a local farmer.  Lovely spinach.  I could profile who was heading to the 'grill' and who was heading to the 'salad bar'.  I'm clever like that.

I was only gone two days and experienced the 'sandwich generation' feeling for the very first time.  I was trying to decide if I was ham or a turkey.  (don't answer that)

My parents have been married for 53 years and when one suffers, the other does too.  I could tell one didn't feel complete until the other was nearby again.  A nice example to follow.

Is anyone else riveted by the soon-to-be-born baby in Great Britain?  I am.  Hard to believe for most of you I'm sure, but I remember William being born and thinking Diana was pretty.

The camper is in our driveway again.  We hope to use it very, very soon.

But first, I must do 3,467 things before we can use it.  That includes camping prep along with a lot of laundry, cooking, entertaining some guests, attending a party, and hugging my family members.

And to answer the question above - how did Monday get here so fast?  Well I'll tell ya!  It's actually Sunday night as I type this.  My day tomorrow is so full I didn't want to miss the Monday Muse!

Have a great week!  I know I will!


  1. Been thinking of you!!! Sweet post, so many thoughts go through our minds when we are at a hospital, huh? I wonder how one works there, without always thinking just how precious life is...or maybe they do...everyday. Anyhow, thanks for the post.

  2. Hope the post op recovery and healing goes perfectly. Yes, I am enchanted and drawn to anything having to do with the Royals especially Kate Middleton, I was the same with Diana. Am so anxious to see a picture of their little one.

  3. I'm glad your mom is doing well. Hospitals can be such uneasy places.