Friday, July 19, 2013


Today I'm going out of my comfort zone.  I am leaving my family for a couple days.  I don't do this much at all.  In fact, the last time I left was about 18 months ago and that was only for a brief time.

I am going out of my comfort zone because I'm going to a hospital this morning.  I kinda like hospital settings, except when it involves my own loved ones needing help.  That makes it out of my own comfort zone.  I like to go to places like that and offer encouragement to people.  But I am not comfortable being on the receiving end of kind words.

I am going out of my comfort zone because I don't have any control over the outcome.  I like to be assured, certain, and in control.  Today I cannot.  I am at the mercy of medicine and surgeon schedules and what the reality is that is within my mother's body.

But I am comfortable in a lot of ways.  I'm strengthened in the fact that the Chairman and the MYP will carry on without me and have encouraged me to go be where I need to be.  I know they will care for themselves, our dear pets, and the home.  I'm comforted by the fact that my slightly older and wiser sister and some others will be standing by as well.  I'm comforted in the fact that the doctor performing the surgery and the hospital is highly rated.  I'm comforted in the fact that many have sent e-mails, calls, and texts showing care in words and deeds.  Above all else, I'm comforted that my dear parents are showing grace and acceptance in all of this.

And above, all, all else, I'm comforted in the fact that there is a Comforter...

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  1. Saw a little update on FB, and came over here to let you know...thinking of you and all your family. Never easy to see loved ones needing anything close to a hospital.