Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thoughts this Thursday

They all just left.  All six of them.  Six of who?  MYP.  And I stress, Many.  young. people.  Three are from this home.  Two are sons of my mostly nice older brother who also in turn are - mostly nice.  Another is a guy that finds his way here often.  And we like it that way.  Where did they go?  To Seven-Eleven of course!  Free Slurpies on 7-11!  Seriously.  A pile of people walking into the local 7-11 for free drinks.  They would make my Grandpa Anderson proud.

I'm going through a lot of food these days.  I just can't figure out why... Here they are.  All six of them taken last night before they got crazy and stayed up too late.
Here are a couple cute young ladies that celebrated birthdays this week:

So now after four birthdays in three weeks, it will be nice to get back to whatever 'normal' is.

So this week we went to a hospital.  Before we went there we had lunch.  I shot this picture across the table.  My parents.  My sweet, accepting and gracious parents.
My slightly older, and wise sister was along as well.  We heard from this talented surgeon that the situation is very workable.  Yes, it isn't a nice word.  The "C" word.  But they can remove it and hopefully just follow-up with pills and nothing worse if it doesn't manifest itself in other places it shouldn't during surgery.  We will stand by them because they have stood by us.  That's the nice thing about the parent/child relationship.  It evolves and changes as you go through life.  Sometimes we need support.  Sometimes they need support.  It's beautiful really.

Some have called or texted or emailed about wanting or planning to help.  I feel like my emotions are in check.  Until I hear about the kindness of others and it immediately moves me to bleary-eyes.  I'm so very thankful for kindness offered to them.

The hospital.  The hospital is a place to go when you need help.  I think sometimes a hospital is a place to go when you are needing to be more thankful.  I have a talent of people-watching.  I saw some there that looked sad and scared and worried and happy.  I saw a few very sick little ones being pushed in strollers or wheelchairs.  I saw a very old lady being pushed by her slightly-old daughter.  I saw a younger lady accompanied by a husband with a tense look in the eyes.  After I left and drove my hour home alone I was thinking how health is something we take for granted.  That night our MYP were frolicking in a swimming pool.  There wasn't worry or sadness or unease about the future.  There was health and unbridled joy that I could watch.  I don't consider our MYP could have something serious.  Maybe I should.  Because then I would be thankful for what I do have.

So the Slurpie shuttle will be back soon.  I need to get a few things done instead of blogging.  Like making more food!

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  1. Meaningful musings. Health is one of life's greatest under appreciated gifts I suppose.