Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Musings

Not a lot to muse.  I kind of ruined it for myself by hopping on here last week and saying too much.  Me and my big mouth!

I was telling someone a fact recently and they said, 'I know I saw that on the blog'.  It made me pause.  This lady I admire for so many reasons.  I felt nearly embarrassed that she reads "The Chairman and company".  It seems so frivolous and unnecessary really.  

We have been busy.  Very very busy with people and company and guests and invites and oh my!  On top of that there are two birthdays in the next two days.  When you are soon 14 and 11 you have glorious dreams of limousines and rockets bursting over you head with a chorus of your closest 127 friends singing happy birthday in perfect unison.  I hope they aren't disappointed.  Because there will be no fancy black cars or fireworks.  

We await news on a surgery date for my mom.  Hopefully in the next days we will know and then I can actually look at the calendar with real thoughts not just speculation.  I'm not good with unknowns.  

I wandered around last night and took a few cell phone shots.  I think that'll wind up my musing on this Monday.  See?  I told you there wasn't much.

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  1. My favorite is that last picture with the photo bomber in the background. :-)