Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday, the fifth

So how many of you have we lost due to the shut-down of Google Reader?  Hello?  Oh you probably aren't there so you can't hear me.  I've searched around and found Feedly to be a fairly decent option.  However, I'm still slightly riled up that the powers-that-be at Google thought it was a good idea to shut down the Reader.

An hour ago, I called in a prescription for an asthma medicine.  A few minutes ago the automated call came saying the prescription was ready.  The price?  $308 for one month's worth.  Splendid.  Unfortunately, this child needs to breathe, so there's not too many other options.

Speaking of the MYP.  We got a sealed envelope on our bed the other night.  It was from one of ours.  It stated that we hadn't been out on a "date" in awhile and we should take the enclosed (hard-earned) $30 and go out to the restaurant of our choice.  There was a p.s.  "No return policy".  Were we touched?  Absolutely.   Will we spend the enclosed money?  Hardly.  It will somehow return to the giver in a pleasant way.

I have taken a brief hiatus with the "Ab challenge".  Don't tell the boss-lady about this!  But I have my reasons.  I didn't want all my friends to be completely envious of my bounce-a-quarter-off my six pack.  Or maybe I'm just feeling lazy.  You decide.

We are in full birthday swing here.  The Chairman just had his earlier this week.

As you can see, one of the MYP was MIA at picture time.
Two more of the MYP have them next week.  There are lots of whispers and secrets and hidden bags.  There also are plans of grandiose parties with birthday treats and favors and bright-sparkly things.  I'm not sure how grandiose it'll be.

So yesterday was the 4th of July.  I like to arrogantly think I'm not sentimental.  However, certain dates bring  back floods of memories.  The time around the 4th is especially true.

  • As a child, we had front-yard seats to the town's fireworks that were shot off four blocks away.  It usually involved friends over for supper beforehand.
  • Nineteen years ago after the fireworks, the Chairman asked if I would... and I said yes.  The symbolism of firecrackers and colorful things is not lost.  
  • Thirteen years ago, because the Chairman needed to be in Chicagoland early the following day, I spent the 4th of July alone in the home for the first time with two babies - an almost 1-year old and a 2-week old.  I keenly remember sneaking into the bedroom and seeing two cribs and two sleeping babies and feeling a rush of thankfulness.
  • Eleven years ago after spending the afternoon with my in-laws, we headed for home at dark and stopped to look at the local fireworks.  I was five days from giving birth to our first full-term baby.  I remember wondering how it was all going to go.  And I also remember seeing the Chairman holding two little toddlers - one in each arm as they looked up at the sky.
  • Seven years ago.  We lost the Chairman's sister during the night.  It was very sad, and also very comforting that the physical pain was now gone. 
  • Five years ago, one of the MYP took a 18 mph nose-dive on her bike at a campground and scraped a few layers of skin off her nose/cheek.  Thankfully, the body restores itself and it is only a memory instead of a bad scar.
  • Yesterday, we enjoyed spending a leisurely day with my parents.  It was a visit that we both needed.  Comfort in togetherness.  Wondering about what is next, yet thankful for today.  We also enjoyed the company of these two for some days this week. 

 We even kept them out late enough to see some fireworks.

Well this about takes care of Monday Musings, doesn't it?  Well lots have left due to the loss of Google Reader, so maybe it doesn't matter anyway.


  1. Still here! :-) Did you check out Bloglovin'...or something like that. They moved everything for me, not sure they still can. GOod luck.

  2. i never did google reader anyway! wow..lots of important memories have been made this time of year for you...many more happy memories for you all...have fun on your date!!

  3. I still miss Google Reader. And I'm getting more and more unhappy with the rest of Google...which seems to steadily be trying to insinuate themselves into every nook and cranny EXCEPT the one where I wanted them (ie Reader). Oh well- that's a gripe so why bother, right? I'm using Feedly, too, but one thing I discovered too late over the summer is that stuff on Feedly doesn't get saved for more than 30 days. Well- the summer was BUSY and I simply cleared out the stuff I knew I wouldn't mind missing thinking that my blogs would be there to peruse at my leisure later... and when later finally came, I realized they were gone. Grrr.
    And no, I didn't come back here to catch up on all that I missed- It's simply not feasible, really. But I did come digging through your blog looking for one thing which I didn't find.
    I suppose you went back to the doctor to have your own mystery checked out?????

  4. And- I also remember the summer of 2006 for the same reason.