Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musings

Hmmm.  No clue where to start musing today.  There's a humongous hawk sitting on the neighbor's chimney.  Since the cat is missing, I'm feeling slightly unsettled.  Most likely the cat will return and the hawk will have found another form of breakfast.

We had wonderful days this past week.  Most of you know what I'm talking about, so no need to expound about them.  Words fail actually.  Well maybe I have a few on some thoughts I had while there.

I like young people.  This place had lots and lots and lots of young people.  Teeny-weeny babies all the way to 25 and beyond.  I love to watch the teens weeble-wobble on their extraordinary high, high heels.  Seems once you hit college you get sense and go back to flats.

I like how one young person made herself known to me.  I would have had no idea she was there.  I like young people with a bit of self-confidence and the ability to look you in the eye and talk about life.

I love the diversity of people.  I'm not talking necessarily about skin color.  That doesn't matter.  I like how different we are and how each one brings something unique.  This includes those that stood on a platform to share wisdom.  Each with a different style.  But each with the same message.

I love the feeling that we are a part of a great family.  There were some there that I talked to that I admired when I was a young teen.  They are just ahead of me in this race of life.  They were kind to me 30 years ago.  And as I talked to them again these years later, I still admire them.  Lovely, kind people.

Speaking of family.  It was an incredible thing that most of my own family was there.  This only happens about once/five years.  We had 17 jam-packed into the camper one evening.  What did we talk about?  Nothing really all that earth-shattering.  But we were there.  Altogether.  Just enjoying each other's company.  I love them so.  My pictures are dreadful.  A cell phone camera.  Dark, shadowy lights.  But I'll put a few here so you get the feeling.


So we returned home and now I must climb the mountain of dirty laundry.  I must get provisions in the house again.  I must get the camper unloaded and cleaned before it returns to storage for a bit.  And I must motivate the MYP once I blow "taps" and get them scurrying out of their beds.

Oh!  All my high-iron efforts worked.  I gave blood!!!  I was short by .3 at first prick of the needle.  I figured it wouldn't work again.  Second prick I was exactly at the lowest point of iron to be eligible.  So off I went to squeeze the little ball and drain a pint of blood out of my arm and into a little plastic bag.  "Eric" had some very crooked teeth that was assisting me.  Luckily, I could kinda stare and them to keep me distracted from the actual blood-draining experience.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I too have a special place in my heart for those lovely, kind people I knew as a teenager. And for the current lovely, kind people I know. :-)

  2. Awww...there's Mr. A. Brings a lump to my throat every time I think of the 1st time he was in front of the crowd at Seneca. Think of it every.single.time we see him!

    Also...why is it SO fun to snack at conv. We eat King's food...we have 3 fantabulous meals/day, then we go snack at night w/friends. We have the BEST of it!