Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ebony and Ivory

Some things aren't worth much.  But they are priceless.  Above is a picture of a beastly-heavy and well-worn piano.  We tested the limits of friends and their hernias in the past when moving.  It was one of the few things I brought into the marriage that was considered furniture.  I found it on a 'For Sale' board at my place of employment.  I purchased it for $100 and I couldn't begin to describe what it is really worth to me.  As you can see, it is truly distressed with a mismatched piano bench that the seller threw in for free.  The latest tuner said it is starting to get a crack on the board.  I'm not sure how serious it is because I still love the deep, resonating sound this old upright makes.

I mainly play hymns for my own enjoyment.  I love how encouraging the music and the words are while I play along on an ordinary day.  To me, a piano is an anchor to the home.  It is what I do when I have a moment.  Or when I am sad.  Or when I'm full of joy. 

When the MYP were little tots and they were starting to get all crabby-pants on me, I would sit down and start playing my own version of "She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain".  That immediately sent them into a tail-spin of joy and they'd start running around the house.  Then I'd stop mid-note and they'd have to 'freeze'.  Then I'd start up again and they would take off.  It changed the mood in an instant.

And that's how I feel about the jalopy of a piano.  Here's a quote I saw lately that I enjoyed:

  "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"


  1. Amen!!! Mine is pretty banged up, too, but the sound is amazing!! See you soon, baboon!! (Thank goodness I'm too old now to get a spanking when you get me in trouble, eh?)

  2. Pianos are made to be enjoyed. My parents have been tossing around getting rid of theirs and it makes me sad... theirs looks an awful lot like yours except, wonder of wonders, their bench actually is the one that belongs with the piano. One of the best parts of this summer was our visitor who tuned the untunable piano at Special Place #2. We were there for the night last night and I could hardly tear myself away from that thing this morning in time to get packed.