Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wise Wednesday Words

Wise you say?  No.  Just thought I'd draw some people in thinking there would be something special today.  I'm certain to disappoint.

What's going on here you ask?  Well this:
Dollar-store (their own money I might add) cooling masks to keep your eyes from getting puffy (I hadn't known there was a problem).

And this.
A new chicken from Goodwill that Lisi latched onto like it was the real thing.  If you're a golden retriever, there's nothing better than a new stuffed toy.

You see school starts here three weeks from yesterday.  Some create a 'bucket list' to accomplish before the summer is over.  I don't simply for the fact that the MYP might hold us accountable to be more fun.  But I must add I did feel a tinge of wistfulness that this summer has flown by and the weather outside feels like it is fall already.  But!  I might try to up the ante in the fun department the next couple weeks.  Maybe...

How often do you clean your fridge?  Show of hands!  Every couple weeks?  Every month?  Every never?  I decided to stick my head deep into the abyss last night.  I realized I hadn't done it for too long.  There was no blue fuzz but a couple things gave me reason to pause and wonder, 'what is that?'

I made these for lunch today with pretzel buns.  You would have thought I served filet mignon.

I needed a new bedside alarm clock and found one this week at Costco.  This thing not only is connected to the US Naval Observatory clock in Colorado to give you perfect time, it tells you the date and the temperature and the humidity level (in case you need some Chapstick before bed) as well as has a place to charge your phone.  It nearly will trim your toenails for you!  Or not.  But all for a low price of $14.

Well I said I'd have something wise to share.  I found this quote that I like.  And based on what it says, I am now finished.

"Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk"

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