Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thrilling Thursday Thoughts

That might be a bit superfluous saying these thoughts will be thrilling.  But to me it has been.

Since I have friends that want to keep the celebration going, yesterday was a birthday lunch day.  However I was told to keep four hours open because there were some 'activities' involved as well.   Yes, this turning 50 turned out to be quite a bash of a week.

I ran downstairs in the morning and thought something smelled 'damp'.  I walk around the basement and discover that the unfinished (thankfully!) part was flooded.  Water standing in all the corners.  Seeping up boxes.  Soaking into Goodwill donation bags.  YUCK.  So I frantically move things to higher ground, call the neighbor plumber, and feel frustrated.  To add insult to injury, the furnace wasn't turning on either, so a service call scheduled for next week.

Mrs. Seafoam Sweater (formerly known as Mrs. Peach Shawl) picked me up and we started going somewhere.  I had no clue and wasn't terribly concerned because I sorta-kinda trust her and I was preoccupied with a non-working furnace and wet boxes.  She asks after a few minutes, 'aren't you curious where we are going?'.  Well, yes I guess.  So I sat in my oblivion.  She turns a few times and I see we are heading right to Aldi!  Now we're talking!  She knows my affection for that store and so I figured we were picking up some dark chocolate.  Nope.  She drove right past to a strip center and pulls up in front of a nail salon.

Oh boy.  In all my 50 years, no one has ever taken care of my toes but me (and my mother when I was a wee one).  I'm suddenly way beyond my comfort zone, but this was her gift to me and I needed to be polite.  Mrs. Chicken Farmer joined us because she's leaving for Hawaii and chicken feathers poking out of the toe jam isn't appealing when you are in Hawaii.

So we sat there and had people washing our feet.  Trimming our toenails and digging dirt out of the crevices.  It was all fun and games.
Until Mr. Toe Jam Master started in on rubbing off dead skin.  The ticklish feelings were nearly unbearable.  I felt like I wanted to jump into the ceiling tiles to get away from him.  It was sensory overload and Mrs. Seafoam Sweater needed to take a picture.
Then finally it was all done.  No more toe jam.  No more snaggley toenails.  I now am sporting toenails that are bit fancy for me and don't want to ruin my 'natural' reputation by showing you just how fancy.  I give it a couple weeks and digging in the gardens barefoot should bring me back to my comfortable, slightly-ugly natural look.

After that, we drove off for the lunch.  I am not one to get too surprised, but I was very surprised when my mom and sister were sitting there with my friends.  My dear niece even put forth effort an drove an hour to join us.  I felt (and still feel) completely loved.  The meal and the company were sweet.  And my mom even brought doughnuts!
After the dining, Mrs. Seafoam Sweater took me to consignment stores and even picked out a skirt for me to try on which was at a brag price and makes this frugal middle-aged woman happy.

So it was a delightful day in every way.  I am not one to enjoy pampering or the limelight.  I'd much rather plod along on an ordinary day doing ordinary things and making sure my family is fed and happy.  But this week it has been so very nice to feel special and cared for and loved.  Thank you to all that made it happen.

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