Thursday, April 30, 2015

Then there was Thursday

This week there is testing at the high school.  That means for this stay-at-home-mom I get to drive to the high school each and every day morning and afternoon!  How fun can it get?

I just saw the "Port-O-John" guy come to the neighboring home being built.  As he stuck his big vaccuum-like thingy down the portable outhouse, I wondered if he really thought that is what he'd like to do when he grew up?  He looked like a pretty decent guy.  I'm glad there are people that do those kinds of jobs.  And I'm sure construction workers feel more so.

Targeted ads are really wonderful and not so wonderful at the same time.  In the past weeks, there has been research done on outdoor ceiling fans, drivers for golf, personalized dog collars, and ways to trim up the abdomen.  And guess what?  No matter where the mouse-clicks turn, there are pictures and advertisements for just those items.  That can be good.  But once the purchase is made, then stop showing me all the other options I could have picked!  I might get buyer's remorse if it keeps up!  And please... I don't intend to go in to freeze off my belly fat.

It's nearly flower-planting time again here in Dairyland!  Here's a hint someone shared with me since I'm so clueless with colors and arranging flowers.  Buy a cheap hanging basket that appeals to you.  Dump it out into a larger pot with a lot of soil and voila!  You have yourself a pretty arrangement that can grow to its fullest instead of being a root-bound hanging basket that will die approximately June 24th.

I just read there are people camped out of the hospital in London where Kate is supposed to have their second baby.  Why would you do that?  I doubt they'll get to really see the baby.

I did a little survey on FB the other day.  What is your favorite food?  It told me a couple things.  1) people are very diverse.  2) some people say they just love fruit or kale chips as a favorite food 3) I think some people are fibbers 4) my favorite food (guilty pleasure) is a good donut.  It could be frosted or glazed or powdered or raised or cake or cheap or expensive.  Doesn't matter.  Delicious!

Several times in the past week I have either received a text, phone call, or asked in person and each time I heard the same phrase.  "I want to ask you XYZ because you know everything".  Thankfully, I had answers for them all, but it begs the question.  Is being told you "know everything" the same thing as being a "know it all"?  I hope not.

So the drum roll has started.  The glow of birthday candles is on the horizon.  Yes, in just a few days I turn a half a century.  Yes.  You read that right.  Fifty.  I spend a lot of time waiting for the MYP for various activities and have jotted down on my phone notes section fifty things about me or things I have learned at this point.  Should I post it?  It seems like too much to read and I don't want to bore the masses and cause retinal bleeding.

I've spent a lot of time reflecting this week.  And the other day, Lisi and I went to my kind of "gym".  It was lovely!  It's a glorious time of year.  Hope you can enjoy it too!

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  1. Post it. We've done this for a few folks for their milestone fiftieth...have friends and rellys write down fifty facts, memories etc of them, and compile into a book to be given on the day. I've never thought to do a fifty fact of myself. Might be fun.