Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I need to get working  I have winter gear to wash and store.  Skis and snowboards to put in the back basement room.  A garage to sweep.  Laundry to start.  A meal to figure out.  And a dog to walk.  Typing words is easier for me.

Last night the Chairman did our taxes!  Yes, on April 14.  Yes, that is the day he almost always does them.  Unless it is April 15.  The Chairman has been burning his candle at both ends since we returned from vacation.  It's always like that.  There's a comfort after 20+ years of marriage of knowing what to expect.  Like a husband/father MIA after a vacation and taxes done the day before or the day of April 15.  I'm not complaining though.  He always feels family vacations are vital and wonderful.  I'm so glad he feels that way.  Even if it means little sleep the week leading up to and after the time away.

Clean sheets.  Aren't they wonderful?  I change ours about every 10 days or when I remember.  It always feels like a luxury to slip into the clean linens.  We're in the market for a new mattress pad.  If you have suggestions to what would be best, I'm all ears.  I've contemplated a cheap one from Costco or a nice memory foam one that costs lots more...  and haven't made a decision.

This morning I made a smoothie out of power greens (kale, spinach, etc), carrot juice, strawberries, half a banana, ground flax, and chia seeds.  It was a dreadful color and texture.  I may or may not have heaved while trying to drink it too fast like medicine.  Daughter #2 looked at me with fear in her eyes and I gulped and then heaved.

Yesterday, I got our screened porch ready and open for business.  It is a yucky job considering there was a late-fall/winter's worth of dirt that accumulated on light tile and white walls.  It reminded me of working on some yucky sheds during preps.  I worked top down and scared more than a couple spiders out of hibernation.  So come on over and have a visit!

I'm coming up on a big milestone birthday.  Apparently targeted ads are all the thing these days.  I researched some ceiling fans a couple days ago and now that's all I see on FB or other places.  The ads and snail mail are also targeting me because of my age.  This was in the mailbox on our return.  Isn't that great?  The Chairman and I are ready to retire!  I'm not sure what I'll retire from since I really don't have a job.  Maybe from the laundry.  Will see how long that lasts.  That couple sure does look relaxed though!

Friends and family warned me about metabolism and how it isn't your friend once you crest the age-hill.  I'm still working on it and walking and trying to limit myself on treats - although the Krispy bars have been delicious.  But here was another ad targeted at me this week.  Thanks for the boost in self esteem.
I'm super happy about the latest delivery from this place.  A shout-out to their wonderful wheat berries.  The 50 pounds I got will last maybe five months.
Look what it has produced in the last few months!  I need to stop taking pictures of bread me thinks...

Ok, I've procrastinated long enough!  Fun to chat with you again!


  1. That porch/Veranda/patio look wonderfully inviting.

    And I'm happily crawled in between clean sheets tonight and it is, in fact, lovely!