Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Musings

And once again, hello there!  What a difference a week makes!  Last week at this very time, I was sitting in a condo in Winter Park CO having a lovely conversation with two special ladies.  Monday Musings wasn't even on my radar.  I guess that's why vacations are nice.  To get away from the normal.  But I'm so glad to be sitting back in the author's chair and I'm excited to once again Muse.

We flew out to CO to attempt our first foray into skiing a bigger hill than the two-bit one five minutes from our home.  We joined up with another family from our own city.  And also joined up with some other families while we were there.  But backing up.

A shout-out to Southwest Airlines.  Not only would they ship out our ski gear for free, they were friendly, helpful, and timely.  The peanut pack could just be a teensy-weensy bit bigger if I had a beef.

We sat in different rows since the Chairman and Co. includes five people.  The Chairman and son #1 were in front of me and the girls.  As we were waiting to take off I heard the Chairman say to son #1, 'something stinks!  Do you think one of them did something?' (implying that maybe someone in our row had broken wind if you know what I mean)  The lady sitting with them on the aisle spoke up and said, 'I'm so very sorry.  I'm eating jerky and I didn't realize it smelled so much.'  The Chairman got very apologetic and said, 'well sometimes my family can do something smelly and I thought they just did something.'  So then the lady snickered and I sat horrified one row behind worried that the lady in front of me would think of me as just a big stink-bomb of a mother.  Or one of our sweet daughters.  It was super-funny in a very awful sort of way.

So we landed in Denver and headed out to the mountains under the glow of moonlight.  It was kind of surreal as it was so beautiful and hardly a car on the road as we wound around turns to get to the condo that was rented.  It was three stories.  It was lovely.  And I wish I had that super-fancy stove/oven in our own home.

The skiing was nice.  I'm only a two-year old skier and ski about as good as a two-year old.  Well maybe a touch better.  But I stayed on blues and was cautious and came home with all my body parts and no torn rotator cuffs.  That's worth something, right?  Two of our MYP are crazy-skiers and snowboarders.  We would just meet up once in awhile to make sure all their body parts were still on their bodies.  They were with their friends that rode the hills at the same level.  It was just crazy-fun for them.

I loved our times together in the condo.  We had delicious food.  Times to sing together.  Visits that lasted late in the evening.  All of those MYP together were a sight to behold.  So were their messy rooms.  Heh.  So was the Axe spray.  Cough.

I'll bomb you with some photos:

so pretty! 
our pad in CO
sweet families
B&A - CO residents with roots in Dairyland
after dinner music
another group shot
the views...
MYP and the Chairman
The Chairman and I
Having fun 
more skiing
our "friend" thought it wise to take our daughter down a double-black

games with friends 
old friends and new...
lots of MYP
reverse raccoon mask
so pretty
all good things must come to an end
And so back to reality.  I like coming home to our furry friends.  They were well cared for by a sweet pet sitter.  However, it was hard to get anything done the first morning home because every time I sat down, this was my view:

Yesterday was a momentous morning.  We have gone to this home for nearly 18 years.  They are moving next door, so it isn't too far away.  However, we have some deep feelings for this place even though it is just a house.  Thankfully, we are taking the feelings and the people with us to the next home.  We are confident it will be just the same.  But no matter.  Several wanted pictures taken and so here they are:

Happy Monday to you!  I'm glad I had this chance to Muse.  Maybe next time it will be more aMusing and less of a travelogue.  I hope so since I have no plans to go anywhere in the near-term future.

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  1. I guffawed at that airplane exchange. It just kept getting funnier for a little bit!
    Nice to see so many familiar faces.