Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"The Coat"

Do you remember the phenomenon that swirled around "the dress"?  You know the internet sensation of whether the dress was white and gold or blue and black?  Well we have something unique related to an item of clothing in Dairyland.  In fact, right here at the Chairman and Co.!

I have always completely trusted the Chairman's judgement and choices.  I mean really!  He chose me to be the Mrs.  Chairman!  Heh.  Anyway, he's always seemed to me to be a very wise man and for the 22 years I've known him - to trust him for all things.  Except for one itty-bitty bone of contention.

Several years ago I made a purchase without his knowledge.  I found a Lands' End spring coat  for a ridiculous amount of money.  If my memory serves me right, it was just under $25 including free shipping.  A deal, right?  I thought so.  When I opened up the package I was delighted!  It fit like a charm.  It had lovely fabric.  And it was so cheery!  I was pleased as punch when I put it on to go somewhere.  The Chairman looked at it and said 'where is that from?'.  Then... 'how much did it cost?'.  Then... 'you can't wear that with anything but black underneath or it will look really bad.'.  Then adding insult to injury he added, 'you can keep it as long as you wear it when I'm not around.'

The bubble had burst.  Despite the perfect fit, the lovely fabric, the cheerful pattern, the Chairman didn't like it.  So I wondered if I really did either.  That is until I did wear it without the Chairman by my side.

Each and every time I went to a school function, to the grocery store, to the hardware store, to get my hair done (ok, I made that one up), I would get a compliment.  'I love your coat!'.  'Where did you find that?'  'You look like a breath of spring!'.  You get the picture.  So I harbored my love affair with my coat in secret.

It has been a year or so since I pulled out "The coat".  Today was a dreary, blustery, icky day.  It was calling for some cheer in lovely fabric.  So I ran downstairs and put it on (mind you I was wearing a knee-length black skirt underneath in case I ran into the Chairman at Costco).

I trudged around the store picking up items we needed.  I ran into a school mom there and we chatted a bit.  I was secretly wondering if she was going to admire my coat.  I was actually hoping so since I hadn't been stopped yet wondering just where this lovely garment had come from.  But no, she didn't ask despite her warm smile and friendly countenance.

So I finished up my purchasing and as I was heading out the door I began to second-guess my perfect coat.  This was the very first time ever that I had worn it that someone hadn't come up to say how lovely it was!  Hmmm.  Maybe the Chairman is right again.  It isn't that special after all.  It clashes with everything.  Maybe the green color isn't quite right.

After I loaded my $231 worth of Costco goods in the back of the van, I looked around to see where to put my cart.  There was a lady there with an older lady by her side.  She said, 'yoo-hoo!  Could we take your cart from you?'.  Of course!  I walk it over to her and just as I was getting close, she said, 'where on ever did you get that beautiful coat?  It is just lovely!.  I gave her a big smile and told her it was from Lands' End and I loved it too.

So I got into the van and I felt all smug and satisfied with myself.  Yes, the Chairman is wise and wonderful but maybe, just maybe he doesn't understand the loveliness of a perfect fit, lovely fabric, or cheerful patterns.

I'll continue to sneak out the door without him and just bask in the compliments as they roll off the tongues of those I come in contact with.  It's been quite the journey so far - me and my coat.  Looking forward to the next venture.


  1. Hahahaha...as I was reading I was wondering if we were going to get to see this coat! :) I LOVE the coat. It looks so springy.

  2. The Chairman obviously has one flaw! The coat is beautiful and unique. You can also wear it with a light cream or white skirt. Or with denim.

  3. Who couldn't love a green coat? Ha ha. What a wonderful story. I wonder if the Chairman is going to read this post.

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  5. It must be a girl thing- I love it! It does look like spring!