Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thematic Thursday

It says it should be relating to a theme if it is 'thematic'.  Will see how I do.

This is what I am seeing right now:
Eating a giant pickle, drinking apple juice, and reading a "Foxtrot" comic from the library
Doing handstands in her bedroom.  Note:  the bedroom pick-up project that hasn't begun.  
Sitting in the living room, the contents of one locker that I was told was too small all year long...
So here we are.  Officially on summer vacation as of a few hours ago!  For the MYP it is kind of like like this:
For me...

Oh it's not that bad.  The MYP are much older, wiser, and free of spats.  Kinda-sorta.

Actually, son #1 has behaved himself flawlessly today.  Or so I hope!  He left for 'up north' last night with the Chicken Farmer to fish and romp around some picturesque places.  Lucky him.  I hesitate to write this, but I will since I don't think he's a faithful blog reader.  Last night as I was about to leave him behind, I got not one, or two, but three "I love you mom" comments.  Be still my melting heart.  I may have said it before, but I love the opportunity we have of parenting both a son and daughters.  They both bring something unique to parenting which is very special.

And special indeed!  Last night was a milestone.  Daughter #1 graduated from our K-8 school and moves on to the big leagues as of fall Monday.  She's enrolled in a summer-school gym class which sounds like a lot of fun and gets some credits out of the way before starting up for real.  Here she is with the Chairman at the reception.  

There's a picture of me with her, but it is on the Chairman's phone and that happens to be not near me right now.  Anyway, I impressed myself with my strength and resolve for not crying into the tissues in my hand.  I must be getting callous to the changes in life.

So off I go to enjoy life.  


  1. I've enjoyed capturing the summer scene too! It's wonderful and I LOVE it! So glad to enjoy a few moments of it before baby arrives! Happy summer to you!! Savor it all!

  2. If that is all she has to pick up, you're lucky and it won't take long. Just wait until next year, and she's a high schooler. I will expect to see a room that looks more like a bomb went off. (or maybe you are better about getting them to clean up.)

  3. Yes, life is better in flip flops...especially if they are Sanuk yoga mat flip flops. Here's to a great summer for you all!

  4. Happy Summer to you and yours! Our summer always starts with conv time, and I should add an "S" to that, as the 2nd one is in progress now, and my YP are at it while I'm spending some days cooking, cleaning, doing laundry & snuggling my newest grandson.