Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lucky 13

This young man in our home is now 13.  He entered our lives on June 20, 2000.  I am still thankful I was given the privilege of witnessing his birth.  His daddy was granted the chance of giving his first bottle right away.  And we have been given the opportunity to be his parents.  Would we call it luck?  No.  Very fortunate?  For sure.

This growing son of ours is a true sportsman.  He loves anything to do with a ball.  A fishing pole.  A golf club.  A swimming pool.  A bookworm?  Hardly.  A kid with a zest for life?  Absolutely.  His greatest joy is to be surrounded with active friends.

One unique thing that happens each year at this time is that we now have twins in our home!  Irish twins they call them.  Two children the same age.  Here are our 13-year olds that came to us on April 20 and June 20 of 2000.
Again I say, lucky?  No.  Very fortunate.


  1. Very fortunate indeed! You and Duane did look a bit shell shocked back then!

  2. Very very fortunate indeed!