Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nonsense and nothing more...

Brr.  It's chilly out there.  All the sun-loving plants I planted are wondering where that big warm orb in the sky went these days.  The furnace is still kicking on in the morning.  The dog is wishing we hadn't taken her in and had all her hair cut off to the point she looks like she needs a jacket and a pair of pants.

Yesterday, as I walked into the veterinary office where Lisi gets groomed, I noticed a 50something lady at the counter.  She looked pitiful.  The vet assistant was helping her with paperwork.  It took me about 3 seconds to figure out what was happening.  Whatever was in the crate at her feet was going to be put too sleep.  I backed up slowly and looked.  Inside was a very loved, and very old tiger-striped cat.  They talked about when she would be picking up his/her ashes.  They talked about the crate being returned.  Then the lady put her finger in one last time and rubbed beloved-cat on the head.  Tears streamed down.  So did mine.  I felt almost silly.  I had never laid eyes on the lady.  I had never laid eyes on the cat.  But I was witnessing something very sad.  She looked at me.  I just said quietly, 'I'm sorry'.  She said 'thank you' and walked out the door empty handed.  I saw her get in her car and just bawl.  So I'm standing there with a confused Lisi at the end of the leash.  The vet assistant returned and looked at me and I think she was almost wondering if I was ok.  She just said quickly, 'it is the hardest thing we do every day'.  So then I tried to regain my composure and tell her what kind of a haircut Lisi should get.  I wish I didn't like animals so much.

Speaking of dogs. This one is amazing!  

I saw this on FB recently.  I'm not sure how many of my readers have little ones.  It struck a nerve with me because I'm now that parent telling parents with little ones to enjoy the days....  I sometimes regret operating our home with military precision when the MYP were very small.  However, since we went from no children to three children in the span of 27 months, I was doing it not so much for the little ones but for my own sanity.  

And now... the eldest is excitedly planning for her big 8th grade graduation next week.  My dear little one is actually beginning high school.  

Yes indeed... 
Ok.  I need to get going on my day... 


  1. I can identify with that last cartoon!

  2. I was the crying lady with the much loved older cat in the vet's office today...except I'm only 40. It was a really hard place to be.