Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Musings

I've been amused.  Because I think a big cyber-fight is going to take place before long.  Did you know according to FB everyone has a 'best' dad or 'best' dad to their children?  How is that possible?  My conclusion is that thankfully, we all have the 'best' one.  The 'best' one for us and our family.
We were missing one of the MYP due to fun, fishing, and friends for four days.  It was nice to have him back in the fold again last night.  I am glad the MYP get opportunities like that to be away exploring with others and learning about life.  However, it sure is nice to have them all back in the nest again.

Speaking of fathers.
The Chairman and I are very fortunate to have living fathers.  We are fortunate that these fathers enjoy each other's company.  We are thankful they actually like each other and visit over the table.  They couldn't be more different and they couldn't be more the same.  They both love our family with the same depth.

We celebrated the birthday of this father yesterday as well.  He has always been a quieter, thoughtful and kind person.  Each and every time we are leaving their home and saying our goodbyes he always says without fail, 'be careful'.  At first it seemed like he was talking about roads and driving.  But lately, it seems to resonate about life in general and I think it is just excellent advice.  Be careful.  

Then there's this dad.
This is the guy that called me 'bull-headed' with a twinkle in his eye (and sometimes not).  This is the guy that worked tirelessly for years so that my mom could be home keeping me and my siblings in line and to have supper on the table promptly at 6.  This is the man that was highly irritated when I quit my first job without having the next one lined up and made it clear that I needed an education to further myself.  This is the one that loved the idea that I worked for a major retailer for some years and have many qualities just like him.  My dad with a heart bigger than his body.  

Speaking of bodies.  I have a friend who is younger, stronger, and more fit than I am.  She knows I've been trying to do a lot of sit ups each day and just recently challenged me to do a 30-day 'ab challenge' with her.  It all looked fine and dandy until I looked ahead past week one.  I think she's secretly trying to do me in. I believe I'll be waving the white flag by day 14.  Look it up and 'join' me!  I promise it won't be fun.

Well off to do this like I did last night.  We both enjoy the venture.

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  1. Love your tribute to the dads! (especially the "be careful") :)