Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Musings

Well I'm back in the car dealership waiting room listening to two tvs blaring.  One has CNN news and the other is some talk show lady with a skimpy dress on. I'm not sure which to watch so blogging seems better.  

What's new? Not much.  We had a nice Memorial Day weekend but nothing terribly memorable except a bridal shower, perfect weather, and good family time together.  Now with a couple of the MYP employed, it makes it more special when all five of us are glummed together in a car or around the dinner table.  

I got new glasses.  They are progressives because I'm forward thinking.  Heh.  I like them and hate them at the same time.  I was told to wear them constantly for a week to get used to them.  Blech.  It is handy to see though in various situations.  

Lisi made some people laugh yesterday including me.  She had a grooming appointment and got out of the vehicle and walked through the automatic doors and headed directly to the grooming area with me way behind her.  She likes to go to the groomers for some reason.  Maybe it's a doggy version of a massage.  

Well I need to use the restroom and hope to do it quickly in case AJ comes to tell me my car is ready.  I have an irrational fear if he doesn't see me in the waiting room I'll be here until closing time.  

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  1. I remember all too clearly watching other people with their children and thinking I won't let my kids do THAT. Thankfully, I only said those things in my head so I didn't have to eat my words.