Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Musings

You didn't think I could do it did you?  Hmmmm?  You know.  Actually Muse on a Monday.  Well we are T-2 until my bedtime and I still need to get out to the garden and cut lettuce.  But first!  A bit of Muse.

Weather is such a funny and fickle thing.  So is the human body in how it acclimates so quickly.  It currently is 64 degrees and I'm shivering.  If it were 64 in mid-January, I would be in a t-shirt basking in the sunshine.

We've been eating out a lot lately.  No, we aren't in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  And no, it hasn't cost us a penny more than if we ate inside.  Lots of meals are being served in the screen porch or on the deck.  In a few months we will be settling into fall again so might as well eat out while we can!

I was at the massage place today to redeem a birthday coupon.  It all was painfully wonderful and horrible at the same time as it's more therapeutic massage than relaxation.  When she was finishing up she said, 'you might not want to hear this (I'm gasping inside that she's found a tumor and my days are numbered) but you have really tight armpits'.  Um what?  She suggested some stretches that I should do until I see her again.  I was hoping she would say I have tight glutes.  But whatever...

The other night we had some extra guys that came over.  I suggested they stay for supper.  They said they'd be a bother and it was too much and I said, 'oh no!  That's fine you stay!'.  Then I wondered if I needed to bless the six little sausages I had out for us.  I wasn't sure that would work so I dug deep into the freezer and found just what would help add to the meal.  I always think of my mom when I have that happen.  I couldn't tell you how many times (back in the day of no cell phones) that a carload of special people would pull up to the house and mom would go dig around in the basement freezer and within a very short amount of time a lovely warm meal was waiting for the travelers.  I love that example.

Our cat has a lame paw.  I took him to the vet on Saturday.  The vet didn't want to x-ray and suggested it might just be a cat equivalent of a sprained paw.  Well today it looks like there's a bone sticking up where it shouldn't so I think Mr. Bojangles (his nickname) has a broken bone.  It seems like there's little to do for him but let him hold it up until it fuses together.  He came home with three pain pills and the Chairman was concerned he might become an addict.  I doubt we see him robbing Walgreen's anytime soon.

So we got a mattress today!  An impromptu purchase on-line.  It's called a "Tuft and Needle" mattress.  It's vacuum packed in a box and Mr. UPS man comes and drops it off and you unroll it and it expands and then you are resting in heavenly comfort for the next ten years at a nominal price.  Or something like that.  I'm terribly nervous we won't like it.  I will let you know by the next Muse how it is going for the Chairman and I sleeping on a bed from a box.

So the 2015-16 school year is really winding down.  It's all quiet in the house as the two high schoolers are cramming for finals.  The young one was awarded "School Athlete of the Year" today with a nice-sized trophy.  The Chairman and I are incredibly talented and coordinated in all sports and so it comes at no surprise that she's so athletic.  Or not....
The girls had a sweet friend over and she insisted on giving me a foot spa experience...  it was super-ticklish.  

getting better at this.  but leftovers are good, no?

true.  just ask the people around here.

Celebrated this Kool Kat's birthday and his sweet cousin's

Lettuce wraps.  One of the MYP thought this was a meal you would see on a "survivalist show"

getting closer to his license... my white knuckles are nearly gone for two more years until the last one starts

This post got very long!  Anyone still here?  Anyone???  


  1. Oh yeah, still here . . . . kept waiting ALL day for you to blog!!!

  2. Hehe...gave up on you yesterday, but had to check this morning! Maybe I am a Monday Musing addict?

  3. Yes, yes, still here and laughing at the peeling thighs season!!

  4. I'm here, too. One of us around here liked lettuce wraps, the others tolerated them. And there really should be a better way to measure spaghetti. I think the "too much" might be a common failing.