Friday, June 24, 2016

I'm going to quit blogging

I've been toying with the idea to hang up the blog.  Then I think of things I'd like to record.  So not sure if I'll officially quit, take a hiatus, post only random stuff my family would enjoy many years hence, or keep on with Musing each Monday.  At least the post title got you thinking anyway!

There's a beautiful bluebird that decided our newspaper box would be a perfect place to build a nest.  I didn't see much activity and figured she built it and left like the robin recently did.  Today I stuck my hand in the back to feel around and there were eggs!  I'm thinking since it's a bluebird of happiness the newspaper will have only good news while she's in there.  

I purchased a ukulele a week ago.  I wanted it for myself and figured one of the MYP might enjoy learning a few chords.  Well I've been hearing it so much around here that I'm wondering if I made a mistake.  Anytime this aforementioned child is in the vicinity or I call her to do a chore for me, I'm serenaded with LOUD strums of the ukulele.  It's kind of hard to be in a bad mood with a ukulele.  And!  The best thing is that she already can play along with me as I play the piano!  

The doorbell rang the other night.  At the front step was a neighbor lady that lives about four blocks away and her daughter.  "We're sorry to bother you but we see Simba (our cat) on your driveway and it looks like he must want to get back in your house because he is meowing."  Um.  Thanks!  We'll be sure to let him in!  We open the back door and he's giving me the stink eye and marching me over to his food dish because it isn't overflowing with cat kibble.  He definitely did not want in the house as his schedule is sleep 7 am-7 pm inside in the couple places he's allowed and then he's out for a night of happy hunting.  People are so funny with animals.  

So we have two 16-year olds in our house and (insert drum roll), two drivers!  I drove son #1 to the DMV for his driving test and as I told some family members I felt as nervous as a cat at a dog pound.  Oh my.  He seemed all poised and handled himself more maturely than his 51-year old mother.  And he passed!  

But then there's the reality that he actually is now driving himself to his job(s).  This morning was the first major drive across the city and I felt like a mama bird watching her baby take flight.  I stared intently at my favorite ap on my iPhone called "Find Friends".  I can watch where they are on a little map.  It gives me some reassurance and nerves me up all at the same time.  

Tomorrow we are invited to a wedding.  There will be great tidings of joy as we witness two wonderful young people vow to be together til the end.  She was a two-week old baby in our meeting when we married and we've watched her grow up every week.  It'll be a joyful time tomorrow.  But I can't promise I won't shed a tear or two because that's what I do when my heart is so full it feels like it'll burst.

Monday am very early we will be heading to the surgical center for a double bunion surgery for daughter #1.  We hope all goes well and the results are worth all the pain and care needed in the long recovery.  Wish us well!  And happy rest of the week to you! 


  1. Do not quit blogging, it would break all of our hearts I'm pretty sure! As for how to say worcestershire....I was watching one of Pioneer Woman's videos last night, and she certainly says it differently than I ever have!

  2. Can't let you quit blogging! We would definitely miss you. Janie

  3. If you quit blogging you must send me those sayings you post. I have no idea where you find them, and these are especially apt. :)

  4. Oh, by the way, can I them?

  5. Just start with a "w" sound and slide over a few more sounds to shire. Easy.
    Don't go!