Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monday Musings (+ 1)

Sorry I did it again.  But I have a valid reason this time for failing on a Monday to Muse.  There was a birthday and at an early hour I needed to pick up doughnuts for the birthday boy.  Then it was a frantic and mostly busy pace until dark o'clock last night.  I won't lie.  I thought of you as I was drifting off to sleep.  I hope that helps ease your burden.

I just saw a van in a parking lot and it said 'Feed my Sheep' catering.  The small print said they were a Christian-based catering service.  I'm guessing they never run out of loaves or fishes if the crowds swell.  Or definitely not.

I wish giving chores to teenagers was easier.  Or maybe I'm completely ineffective in making it fun enough.  Life is busy and dirty and can become completely disorganized if you don't stay on top of it.  Somehow my criteria for 'clean your room' isn't the same as theirs.  And probably in one week or month or year it won't matter.  Well anyway, the tasks were completed before they went off for fun in the sun.  Any tips from experienced parents of teenagers is most welcome.  Promising two M&M's doesn't cut it anymore.

We celebrated Father's Day just like we celebrated Mother's Day.  At my in-laws.  They were kind enough to invite us over.  While we were dating, I never really saw the Chairman show a huge interest in kids.  I don't remember seeing him hold a baby.  I had no idea what kind of father he would be.  He showed a deep concern and became almost possessive of holding our little Amara the night she died in our arms.  I remember thinking I was able to carry her inside, so now it was his turn.  When we went to China and our dear daughter was placed in my arms, he quickly took her when he heard it was time to give her a bottle.  I was kind of jealous, but she learned immediately that daddy provides comfort just like mommy.  When our son was just born he was ready for his first bottle.  Yes, you probably guessed.  Daddy got the privilege of giving the first bottle.  And he's been that kind of dad ever since.  Super responsible.  Super caring.  Super involved.  I'm thankful.
June birthdays!

Doing dishes just like they did on Mother's Day!  

Be still my heart...

Adding Grandpa!
So yes, there was a birthday yesterday.  Son #1 turned 16.  I don't mean to belabor the fact that a couple of our MYP are adopted, but I always find myself reminiscing a bit more for their birthdays.  It is so incredibly hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this young person and lovely soul may not have been here with us.  We do have a birth child and are thankful for that one just as much.  But with a birth child being born, you never have to wonder about the future.  Will this go through?  Will it all work out ok?  Will this child we have grown to love already before he or she came to be not be able to be part of our family?  It adds such a complexity to the experience.

So the night before his birthday I reminisced.  And I gave thanks.  For the choices others made.  For the choice we made.  And I gave thanks for him.  For the little baby.  For the little boy.  For the young man that towers over his dad and me.  This tall teenager has grown to be super ambitious, energetic, loving all things fishing and hunting, and people and richer things even more than that.  He is just what we needed.  Just.
It would be so much fun to have a day with that little fella again!
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out on the boat 
pretty much all his gifts had to do with fishing some way or another
So a friend asked if I could cater a lasagna meal for 40 ladies.  Of course!  It sounded just delightful to be able to do it.  So here are the empty pans that needed filling.  And fill I did today!  The garlic bread and salad will be done in a couple days.  Did I ever tell you I love cooking?
This is enough for today.  Happy summertime days!  Next week Monday, daughter number 1 goes under the knife for surgery on her feet.  Yes I said plural.  Feet.  It will be scary and interesting and horrible and nice all at the same time.  Wish us well.  I'll keep you posted!


  1. I'm no help on getting teens to do chores without loud complaining noises. All I can say is when they are 19 or 20, the idea of taking care of their own stuff kicked in. Of course, they were looking after stuff in their own places.

  2. And as one adoptive mom to another...reminisce all you want.