Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm still here

As you can see, I haven't quit blogging yet!  

So let's see!  The wedding happened!  It isn't my story to tell but I can tell a wee bit from my perspective anyway.  The wedding and reception were lovely.  I can't think of a better adjective.  Yes it was hot.  Yes one chair broke during the ceremony due to missing bolts.  Yes a special someone delivering a special message during the ceremony was stung by a bee.  But other than that, it was perfect.  It was serious with a dose of fun and a deep feeling of love between the couple that radiated through the crowd - for them and for each other.  Weddings always make me want to hold the Chairman's hand.  I'm romantic like that.
Son #1 was asked to be the barista for the wedding day.  The brother of the groom has the most adorable little coffee truck.  As a mother, I wondered if he could pull it off since he's rarely even ground coffee for our Cuisinart.  According to my taste test and from other comments, he did ok.  I thought he was quite dapper in his bow tie!  ๐Ÿ˜Š
Doesnt this lady like a queen?  We've met with her for nearly 22 years.  And we still haven't heard all her detailed stories. She's well into her 90's in case you were interested.
Some nice girls at the adjoining table
Someone took this of us two.  ๐Ÿ˜
Since we were facing an upcoming surgery, we decided to head to the big lakefront for lunch and a hike.  The scenery was beautiful. And having just us five all enjoying what our own big city has to offer was just what we needed.
This looks staged but honestly it wasn't.
Sometimes the most beautiful places are right in your backyard.
So early yesterday we headed to the surgery center.  The last day in weeks for her to comfortably walk in her Birkenstocks.  
They got her all checked in and then wanted to get the IV going.  I held her hand and after six times digging around watching the tears fall I shook my head at the determined nurse.  She quickly stopped and I asked that they use some gas and the anesthesiologist to do it.  It worked out much better.  The Chairman and I sat nervously together for the 2.5 hours she was gone.  She came out of anesthesia saying hilarious things.  The bunions are now both gone and her feet have some hardware in them to keep everything together.  She is pretty much strictly bedfast this week except for a wheelchair ride to the bathroom.  The fancy shoes she was given must remain on her feet day and night until stitches come out.

Home again.  Nothing like having your panda close by for comfort... ๐Ÿ˜Š

I had no idea how she would be or how I would be as a "nurse".  Our dear, precious daughter is a super patient.  She's sweet and kind and very grateful.  After a stressful day yesterday she called me into her temporary bedroom setup in the office and said , "Mom?  I'm sorry you have to work so much to help me.  Thank you."  What could I say?  Nothing.  I just crawled into bed beside her and we cuddled a bit.  She needed it, but I did more.  

So I'm pretty much going to be close to home for the next while.  I don't mind to be honest.  I have my gardens and pets and favorite people around me.  

So until next time!  


  1. Glad you haven't stopped blogging yet!! Enjoyed reading your post again today. Love the photo of "waiting" ... speaks volumes! Hope the recovery goes well!

  2. Don't ever quite blogging...you are much too good at it. Ah, hope the daughter's recuperating days go by quickly. It's no walk in the park...but might make walking in the park a lot more pleasant down the line a ways! I love the relationship quote...

  3. I just love reading your posts.
    Hope the recovery is going well!