Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Musings

Are you impressed?  I'm giving you a Monday Musings on a Monday!  And a holiday no less.  You can thank our oldest daughter.  Because of her, I'm pretty much stuck at home.  So no excuses.

What's new?  Not a whole lot.  I've been confined to the house most all week.  I did sneak away from here a few times for groceries or a walk.  That helped.  Plus I have friends and family that come visit.  That really helps.

So today is the 4th of July!  I have happy memories as a young girl about the 4th.  We were sometimes gone on our annual two-week vacation somewhere in the country camping and attending a convention.  Or we were at home and ate hotdogs and watermelon and had friends sit in our front yard to watch the fireworks shoot off at the nearby stadium.  It always involved friends with us.

Then there is twenty-two years ago.  It was another 4th of July on a Monday.  I was living in the Minneapolis area.  The Chairman was visiting me.  I made us some sandwiches and we stopped at the local grocery store to get some fruit and flavored sparkling water (which I honestly don't like that well).  Then we settled in to watch the fireworks in Richfield.  After they were done I jumped up and started folding the blanket and was heading to the car with the crowd.  The Chairman lingered behind me but then he caught up with me and we started to drive away.  About part-way to our destination he spoke up and said, 'will you be the Chairman's wife?' (just kidding on the Chairman part).   I gladly said yes although I was just.  plain.  shocked. that he was asking me for some reason.  He had hoped to do it on the blanket back at the park where the fireworks had happened.   I've never regretted my answer and am confident I never will.

So we are in the midst of birthdays.  Our son had his a couple weeks ago.  The Chairman had his just two days ago.  And we have two more coming up in five and six days.  Whew!  Thank goodness for  Especially this year.

So without further ado, here's some pictures to enjoy!  We are soon off with the wheelchair to a parade and hopefully fireworks later.  Happy 4th!

Lisi loves Grandpa coming to visit.  

Grandmas make things better. 

Happy birthday to the Chairman!

Working on crafts together.

This perfectly explains some sibling relationships here.



Especially this week

This made me giggle.  Maybe I've been in the house too long.

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