Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Whew it's Wednesday!

Yoo hoo!  Anybody out there?  I'm here!  Kinda sorta.  It's been a hectic past week.

Have you ever packed for camping?  You have?  Well then you know why I've been busy.  If you haven't, it's like cooking and shopping for a family for a week and then taking everything you might possibly need for clothes, shoes, entertainment, food, hardware, bikes, etc. and stuffing that all into tiny places for its venture.  I giggled when I heard one of our MYP say as she was packing, 'I'm not going to wear ugly camping clothes this year.  I'm going to wear things that look nice.'  Will be fascinating to see what that will be.  Hopefully not high heels.

It's a weird year this year for the Chairman and Co.  Due to the recent foot surgery, we are a fragmented family for this year's camping venture.  Part of our family is gone already.  And part is still home.  I get to join them soon, but the surgery sufferer has to stay back due to high forecasted temperatures and feet that swell.  This surgery recovery has been going good but it has been a very, very, very long process to get back to normal.  And based on my research, it'll still be awhile.  My patient has been patient and I love her for that.  I love how the Chairman texted me after they had gotten the camper all set up and said, 'we miss your thinking'.  At least I'm missed for something!

So the school supplies are all out in the stores already.  One of the MYP said to me as we passed that area, 'I think I feel nauseous'.

I've been fascinated watching Mr. and Mrs. Robin tending their three babies on a nest right out my kitchen window.  For several weeks they took turns sitting and sitting on the nest.  Now the little ugly babies have hatched and they are frantically feeding them.  So they're not on the nest near as much.  Their parenting has had to change drastically as the needs changed.  I think I learned something already.

I've also been fascinated watching Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird tending their three babies in our newspaper box.  At first when I'd go out to get the mail or paper, they'd just flutter away.  But now as they have growing baby bluebirds and time vested in them, it's a different story altogether.  Mr. Bluebird comes in all kamikaze at me and nearly hits me in the head with his wings Every. Single. Time.  It's quite funny and frightening all at once.  Maybe that is why parents of teenagers are so wonky.  We've invested so much time and effort to get them to this point that we for sure want them to make it safely.  Naturally and otherwise.

Credit card companies are not all equal.  I had an issue with one and was on hold for 1.25 hours before I got a person.  Needless to say I was most irritated but I didn't say a thing to the kindly, middle-aged woman that took my call as I wanted my problem resolved - which it was.  However, I took to Twitter and tweeted my issue to the company and within minutes they contacted me back and wanted to call me personally.  Interesting.  Then we had an issue with another card because someone had hacked into a system and was trying to fraudulently charge nearly $900 to our account.  I called and there was an immediate answer and immediate resolution.

serenaded with the ukelele even though I was trying to tell her to get to bed

baby robins are so ugly and cute at the same time

my dear wheelchair patient drooling over stylish shoes even though she's still stuck in surgical ones



  1. ha ha..I'm going to use the "very good doctor" response!

  2. I liked the thoughts on parenting. I wonder if bird parents have the same stresses that human parents have?
    And that 11 item list- TeeHee!

  3. That list is a funny one. Seems like I'm right there, too.