Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thus this Thursday

Got an inkling to blog a wee bit tonight so here goes!

Spring must be here because spring fever cleaning is in full force here.  I have no idea what has come over me.  I think it is because I read recently about living with minimal amounts of stuff and it got me to start in the kitchen and then move from room to room.  I have taken two more trips to Goodwill.  I have filled up many, many large bags of trash.  Some of the things are from twenty-one years ago.  Some are things found in boxes from our move eight years ago.  And though I like to think I have a tidy house most the time, it feels so good to have what I really need at my fingertips and the extra dishes, clothes, and what-not have found a home at Goodwill or in the basement in a box.  Whew!
As we were leaving Goodwill the other day, we had some other stops to make.  They were the Dollar Store, Aldi, and Walmart.  One of the MYP said to me, 'why can't you be like a normal mom and go to Macy's or even Target?'.  And yes, "Frugal" is my middle name.

LuLaRoe is splashed all over social media these days.  I've been asked to join several on-line parties.  I do think I like some of the clothes offered.  However, it scares me a little to think that I could show up at convention this summer and 267 other ladies would have the same skirt on and it would look better on them then me.  So I have resisted making a purchase.  

Last night I made Spaghetti Carbonara II from  It was delicious once I upped the garlic by about six times and added a few other things.  The pan was nearly over-flowing and son #1 asked in all seriousness, 'do you think that'll be enough?'.  I thought the question was funny until there was only about 1/4 cup left after the meal was over.  Teenagers...

We played a family game tonight and after it was over a big scrum started between all three of the MYP.  I got out of there because I didn't think it would end well.  I'd rather iron shirts than stop bleeding.  Anyway, after it was all over one of the MYP just came to tell me that she's glad she has siblings.  Um.  Why?  Well if I ever get mugged, I'll know what to do.  That's making lemonade out of some lemons I guess.

So it's yard work time!  Lots of edging and weeding and I need to go get flowers soon!  I love that part of gardening - not the work to prepare the soil.  Happy rest of the week to you!  

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  1. I've been tossing a few things, too. I'm waiting to get my rag quilt done before I start tossing some more.