Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Musings

Greetings from the Editor!  Welcome to post 1220!  I'm procrastinating my walk.  I'm waiting for the sun to shiine down a bit more warmth.  It's been brrr-chilly here in Dairyland.  And wet.  But the sun is peeking through the dog is (im)patiently waiting just behind me on the rug.

Just checked some stats for the blog.  It says there were 3,012 page views last month.  Just wow!  Hello whoever you are!

What's new?  Not a whole lot actually.  Probably the biggest news at the Chairman and Co. is that my birthday is in two days.  For all the gifts coming from you readers, UPS is the most reliable delivery.  Plus I like my UPS man.  He leaves treats for Lisi.  I jest.  Surely.

Last year was my big milestone of 50.  It honestly was probably my favorite birthday ever.  Between the Chairman and the MYP and my friends, I had several days of feeling incredibly appreciated, pampered, and loved.  It was lovely and I still smile when I think how lovely it all was.  This year will most likely be an ordinary birthday and that's great too.  The Chairman has never been one of those guys that forgets a birthday or anniversary.  He puts forth effort and his influence has been noticed with our MYP.  Last night I saw son #1 sneaking a bag into the house and he quickly said, 'don't look!'.  Honestly, I don't care what's in the bag.  The thought from a nearly 16-year old son for his middle-aged mother is priceless.

We were invited to the chicken farmer friends last night to share a joint-birthday celebration.  I love all my friends for different reasons.  The reason I love being with these people is that they are completely free of pretense and their welcome mat is large and super-inviting. Their son was born on my birthday 17 years ago.  He's grown up to be a gem of a guy.  But I about knocked the smirk off his face when he asked that I sit by him for the cake.  He said (and I quote), 'sit down next to me so that people will think my Grandma came for my birthday party.'.  I still like him anyway.
There were many MYP there last night.  The conversation around the table was just delightful.  For some reason, I'm thoroughly entertained by teenage guys and their thoughts and zest about life.  It's very infectious.
I'm getting notices from advertisers on Facebook that are birthday related.  One piqued my interest.  It was stating all the places you could get free things on your birthday.  I think I'll pass on the free wings at Hooters.  I'm not certain who I'd take along and quite frankly, I think I might look a bit odd sitting there alone eating my wings and wondering where to look.

I've done some deep cleaning in some rooms here at the Chalet.  I was slightly horrified when I had to empty my vacuum canister twice after vacuuming under all the furniture in our bedroom.  I also cleaned out the file cabinet in the office.  I don't think we need the water bills from 12 years ago when we lived in another home.  

I'm considering going sugar-free for a month and see what affect it has on me.  Anyone want to join me to help hold me accountable?  It kinda scares me because that means no cookies or doughnuts for a month.  Heavy sigh. 

Well I'll look what's on my cameral roll and then I'll head off on the beaten walking path with my side-kick.  Happy week ahead! 

I might add this is definitely not me or the Chairman.  However, it definitely happens in one of the MYP's bedrooms.

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